A Dialog Understood by the Spirit

A Dialog Understood by the Spirit

“But I say unto you, and men of every religion in the world, that the Word of God is manifesting in the Light of the Sun of Righteousness. And the language within that Light which can be taken into the being of every person is a dialogue that can be understood by the spirit.

“This religion of Light is living, in that it allows men to have direct contact with their Creator by means of that Light sent to the earth from God the Father.

“It is good that holy men inspired of God write of their prophecies. And these prophecies can be understood by men and used as guides for greater development of mind and soul. But the Word of God manifesting in the Light of God’s Sun is the singular source of man’s inspiration and illumination. And herein is a mystery.

“God would that every man know Him. For this reason He has sent the Word in the Light. It was this same Light that created the world; and it is the same Light that restores man to his rightful position as an immortal of God.”

Prophecy to the Races of Man, Chapter 65, page 416

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