Always Shining Sun that Brings Higher Consciousness

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Always Shining Sun that Brings Higher Consciousness

“The Sun has always shone and is shining, but at times we see it, while at other times we do not see it. That is however a temporary condition, a changed environment depending either upon the position of the Earth, or upon ourselves. The Sun is always shining for those whose consciousness is always awake. Get up in the morning when the Sun is rising; look at God and you will find the way.” ~Beinsa Douno

The Always Shining Sun

Douno states that the sun has “always shone and is shining.” That is true if you interpret “always” as meaning since time began, or since the universe was created. He says that we sometimes see it, and sometimes don’t. This is partly due to the rotation of the Earth giving us day and night. At night, the sun still shines, just not on us but on the opposite side of the planet. But that is all dealing with the material sun.

Beyond that material sun is a Spiritual Sun, and that is the Sun Douno is really talking about. That Sun, while concentrated in the area around the physical sun, does not really occupy space and time. Therefore, it is always shining on us, it is the Always Shining Sun.

Higher Consciousness

Douno goes on to say that for those who have wakened their consciousness, the sun is always shining. That is a two way street, though, which he doesn’t go into in the quoted section.

Those who have awakened and raised their level of consciousness will see this always shining sun at all times, but how do they achieve that level of consciousness? They do it by looking for that spiritual sun, primarily at sunrise. By practicing what has come to be known as “sungazing,” but looking for the Spiritual Sun instead of just the material one, we awaken our spirits and souls. In doing so, we also awaken higher levels of consciousness that are linked to the soul, not the brain.

Continued Growth

Once we have awakened our spiritual faculties using the light of the Always Shining Sun we must continue to develop them. Just as the birth of a baby does not end his growth, so the “rebirth” of the spirit and sol is not an end to their growth. We must continue to gaze upon the spiritual sun regularly, and with the right attitude and conditions. When we do that, our frequencies and continue to increase and our level of consciousness continues to climb.

The ultimate goal is to reach that level of consciousness known as “Christ Consciousness” or “Cosmic Consciousness”. It is rare for someone to reach that level during their physical life on Earth. But as long as you start along the path of the awakened, you will be able to continue your spiritual and conscious growth after you depart the physical plain. In other words, it is never too late (or too early) to start along the path using the power of the Always Shining Sun.

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