Attraction Laws and the Hierarchy of Life Forms


Attraction Laws and the Hierarchy of Life Forms

“Beginning at the lowest point of the scale we see that man has a body. The body is composed of minute cells of protoplasm. These cells are build up of countless molecules, atoms and particles of matter—precisely the same matter the composes the rock, trees, air, etc., around him. The Yogi philosophy tells us that even the atoms of matter have life and an elementary manifestation of mind, which causes them to group together according to the law of attraction. … This law of attraction is a mental operation, and is the first evidence of mental choice, action and response. … And therefore we find that this law of attraction between the atoms and particles of matter is a mental action, and that is belongs to man’s mental kingdom.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Hierarchy of a Life Form

Few of us ever stop to consider the wonderfully complex hierarchy of physical life that makes up our physical bodies. At the lowest level we currently know of, there are sub-atomic particles. This tiny particles make up all the atoms in our bodies, as well as every other atom in the physical universe. Atoms connect together to form molecules, some simple, some complex. Numerous molecules make up each cell of our physical body. Bones, muscle, blood, and everything else s made up of the same atoms. The liver may function very differently from the heart or the lungs, but they are all made of the same atoms. And all atoms are made of just a few types of sub-atomic particles held together by this real law of attraction.

Laws of Attraction

Another type of attraction has become popular in recent years, and this is also called the “Law of Attraction”. This one is all about attraction to you the things that you want from the world around you. If you want money, you practice certain exercises to attract it to you. If you want to attract a lover, you can use it for that as well. While clearly related, this is not the same thing Mr. Atkinson is calling the law of attraction.

The Glue That Binds

The Law of Attraction that Atkinson is describing is that one that holds all of matter together in various forms. Science talks about electromagnetic forces that hold atoms together, and cells together to form a body, etc. That may be true, but it doesn’t tell us where those forces come from or what is controlling them.

Mr. Atkinson believes that the control is mental, and I think he is correct. But this mental “glue” isn’t just coming from the human brain. Even primitive live forms that are made up of just a few molecules seem to have it. And a rock, which according to conventional science has no mental capacity whatsoever, still has enough to hold its atoms and molecules together.

So this type of mental activity doesn’t require a brain. A sponge, which is the most primitive type of multi-celled animal, has no brain at all, yet its millions of cells stay assembled anyway. Rocks and plants don’t have brains either, yet stay together within certain rules.

But just because this Law of Attraction isn’t controlled by the brain, doesn’t mean that the brain can’t interfere with it—for good or bad. Things like disease and depression can cause our brain to damage this attraction causing faster aging of cells. On the other hand, positive, happy thinking can make it work better and keep us younger. And we can intentionally use our brain to send mental signals to help us stay  strong and healthy on the physical level.

We are more interested in spiritual growth than physical. Still, a physically strong and healthy person can more easily perform spiritual tasks and spiritual growth exercises. It therefore behooves each of us, no matter how spiritual, to do what we can to stay physically and mentally healthy as well.

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