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The Light Body, sustained by ethereal light, accommodates a Consciousness that survives our terrestrial sojourn.

Awakening it and communicating with it,  has been the pinnacle quest of every mystic since the beginning of time.

Question 1 : Mark the five geometric figures below in the order of your preference: (1 - 5). Select each number only once.

Question 2 : Mark the five colors shown in order of your preference: (1 - 5). Select each number only once.

Question 3 : Select the color that best suits each of the following symbols. You may use a color more than once.

Question 4 : Which of the following symbols appeals to you most?


Question 5 : Have you ever experienced any of the following?

TelekinesisPrecognitionAutomatic WritingAstral ProjectionPsychokinesisClairaudience
ClairsentienceEyeless SightClairvoyanceTelepathyGlossolaliaPsychic Voices

Question 6 : Select the frame of symbols you prefer the most.


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