Co-Creating, Cooperating, and Competing in a Spiritual World

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Co-Creating, Cooperating, and Competing in a Spiritual World

“I stand us, and this one of me turns into a hundred of me. They say I circle around you. Nonsense. I circle around me.” ~Rumi

“We’re so used to the idea of competing and winning—of needing to be ‘the best.’ But that’s not the way the collective-self consciousness works. We can only become our ‘personal best’ when we are also cooperating and co-creating with others. It is others who bring out our best, and if we could look at competition as cooperation to bring out everyone’s personal best, instead of as an experience of putting others behind us, society would shoot forward into conscious evolution. …
“With linear perception, we ‘belong’ in relationships and groups, but with spherical-holographic perception, we become them. … A new phenomenon is occurring—the Convening—where people of like vibration are beginning to ‘show up’ in each others’ fields and lives to work together.” ~Penney Peirce

The Back-flow of Competition

We live in a world where competition has become highly valued. Many of us worship those who are “good” at it. We pay huge sums of money to the top competitors in sports, business, and even entertainment. We are encourages to compete with others at an early age, and that push to compete continues forever. But as Ms. Peirce notes, hen we are constantly pushing others back by trying to get ahead of them, we are all, to some degree, moving back instead of forward.

Cooperating and Co-Creating

During my years of working as a government contractor in information services, I saw a strange and amazing thing taking place. Two big corporations that would fight each other relentlessly over one contract, would co-bid and work together on another. Something else to think about in this area: very few federal government contracts this days are fulfilled by a single company. In nearly all cases, the corporation that wins a big contract hires others as co-contractors or sub-contractors. In fact, it is not unusual to find that while the main contractor has the largest piece of the pie, the co-creators, or sub-contractors, have a total that is often more than half.

Even when it is one company doing the job, most corporations have recognized in recent decades that they can get more done internally by getting people to work together in teams rather than competing against each other as individuals. This concept works well, though it still has a major problem: raises and promotions are still given to individuals rather than teams, so even while working as part of a team, the employees continue to compete for crumbs the people at the top allow to fall down to them.

While it is great to have individuality, co-creating is how most everything gets done. When a primitive man wanted a bridge over a river, he could make a simple rope bridge all by himself (although it would get done faster if he worked with others), but a single person can’t make a modern bridge with a four-lane highway over it. That takes the creative efforts and manual labor of many.

Co-Creating in Community

The spiritual side of this works the same way—perhaps more so. When seeking enlightenment and higher states of consciousness, we can go it alone or we can do it as part of a community or school. The advantages of doing it with a group are many. First, the vibrations of the group as a whole raises the vibrations in the area making it easier for the beginner to reach higher rates. Second, we can be doing spiritual techniques such as sun-gazing all wrong for years if we are doing it on our own. But as part of a community, we can observe how others do it, and they can observe and correct us.

Most important of all, the whole purpose of spiritual development is to become co-creators with God and in cooperation with His Divine Plan. So  co-creating is not only a way to achieve spiritual goals, it is the true spiritual goal.

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