Conversing With Trees

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Conversing With Trees

BY Harold Boulette

A very spiritual young man was taking a walk through the forest one day. The fresh air and the auras of the trees energized him and he walked boldly and with a smile on his face. Yet, after walking for several hours, he became tired and laid down in the grass beneath a great old tree. As he began to doze, he started to overhear a conversation. The words were difficult to understand at first and he soon realized that he was not hearing it through his ears, it was coming directly into his mind from some unknown source. He managed to stay calm and in his very relaxed state, both physically and mentally. The conversation began to make sense and he finally figured out that he was hearing the great old tree he was lying under conversing with another tree, a younger tree that spoke like a student or disciple of the old tree. The conversation went like this:

“You have been here centuries great one. Long before any humans lived in this forest. How was it different without them?”

“Not as different as you might expect because while the humans were not here in body, their thoughts, which control much in this world, travel great distances and so had a profound effect on the forest, even though they themselves did not know it.”

“Yet they do not know this great power is theirs even though they use it every day!”

“That is sadly very true. Most humans are not aware of the great control their thoughts have on this world, so they make little effort to control those thoughts. As a result, they have angry and violent thoughts that create equally angry and violent animals. They dwell on ugliness and create poisonous plants and animals with those thoughts. And then there is the weather. They create storms when many of them are angry. They create floods and droughts when they are jealous or greedy, even if it is only in thought, not deed. The good side of it is that since they are so unaware of this power, they have thoughts that conflict with each other which prevents many of the thoughts from manifesting. Sometimes, even within the mind of a single person there is so much conflict in thought that they are unable to accomplish much.”

“So that is why the world is so confused and contradictory?”

“Exactly. The humans are not even aware that the spirits of those who die without awakening their souls will become the spirits of animals, then plants, then finally return to the spiritual world to start again. They are totally unaware that we are their spiritual offspring in a sense. They would not treat plants and animals as they do if they knew that the trees they cut down just for convenience might include the spirit of their great grandfather or great great grandmother. They might find it less pleasant to hunt animals for sport if they knew they were hunting their own ancestors! More importantly, they might stop wasting time collecting material goods and start trying to save their souls and their planet.”

The young man woke up at that point and heard no more of the conversation. He wondered as he walked out of the forest if he had dreamed the whole thing or did he really hear the trees. One day, he will know.

This post was previously published on the Solar Wind blog.

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  • Ally

    Cool. Fascinating stuff. Thoughts have more power than most people realise, I’m sure.