Cosmic Evolution

Cosmic Evolution

BY Harold Boulette

But remember this, that all of this Evolutionary Process is but a returning Home. It is the Ascent after the Descent. It is not a creation but an unfoldment. The Descent was made by principles as principles—the Ascent is being made by Individualized Centers evolved from the principles. Matter manifests finer and finer forms, and exhibits a greater and greater subservience to Energy or Force, and Energy or Force shows a greater and greater degree of ‘mind’ in it. But remember this, that there is mind in even the grossest form of Matter. This must be so, for what springs from a thing must contain the elements of its cause.
“And the Cosmic Evolution continues, and must continue for aeons of time. Higher and higher forms of Mind are being manifested, and still higher and higher forms will appear in the scale, as the process continues. The evolution is not only along material lines, but has passed on to the mental planes, and is now operating along the spiritual lines as well.” ~William Walker Atkinson

While I don’t agree with much of what Atkinson writes (he is of the school that believes the material universe had to be created by God, not the Demiurge as us Gnostics believe), I do find some truth in his writing, and the quote above is one area that is essentially true.

First, he says that evolution is a returning home, and that is very true, but what does that mean? It means that, since we originated in spirit, a returning home is a movement toward the spiritual and away from the material. Atkinson seems to believe, however, that we are long past the stage of devolution, and are all, collectively, now evolving. That is another area where we disagree with him. Think of in in this way: even in a child that is still growing, there are cells that are getting old and dying. Likewise, in a world that is starting to truly evolve, there are still many people who are devolving in the sense of sinking further and further into the muck of materialism. The fact the Donald Trump, the champion of the “do anything for profit” philosophy, is on the top of the polls for Republican presidential candidates, is proof of that (I hope someone reading this in 2017 or 2018 will laugh their heads off at the idea.) The point, however, is that despite the seeming descent of some into total materialism and stupidity to the level of imbecility, there are others, albeit a smaller and less verbal group, that are seeking and following a higher path, a path to spiritual awakening and spiritual growth: the path Home.

This is not only happening to people, but to animals, plants, and the entire planet as well. If animals seem to be getting smarter, it isn’t just because we are looking at them in a more neutral and scientific way, but also because they actually are getting smarter. I suspect that within a decade or so, we will all be able to communicate with animals as easily as we communicate with each other. And that evolution doesn’t stop with planet Earth. The sun, the moon, the Milky Way galaxy, the entire material universe is evolving.

Atkinson says that this evolution will take “aeons” and that may be true, but it started long ago and I think, as do others, that we are getting close to the “end”. Close doesn’t mean a week away, in this case. It is probably going to be a hundred years form now, perhaps even two hundred, before we can say we have turned the corner and have become a truly spiritual world, but it could also happen next year, no one really knows.

I am not a person who is quick to adopt changes is fashion, or styles. I don’t quickly adopt the latest eating fad, or drinking fad, or any fad. On the other hand, I am composing this on a modern computer, not scratching it on parchment with a quill pen. I may not be quick to adopt fads, but I recognize a true change, a paradigm shift, if you will, and I don’t hide from it under the bed. If it appears the change is advantageous to me and others, I am happy to adopt it, and even help make it happen. That is certainly the case with spiritual or Cosmic Evolution. This paradigm shift is a benefit to all, even those who deny it, and so I am going for it to the best of my abilities. I hope all of you reading this will do so as well while you still can.

This article was previously published on the Solar Wind spiritual blog.

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