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Convocation 2018

September 4 - September 9

This year’s Convocation dates are September 4th-9th, 2018 here at our Community Center. It will be an exciting week of activities!

 This year, in seeking to establish a better spiritual connection with the wider Reno and northern Nevada community, we are designing a marketing strategy with a local digital media agency to connect via a new and wide-spread outreach network.

 Also, this year’s Convocation schedule will present a full program of notable speakers discussing the original Messianic, authentic Essene-Christian, Community of Light under Jesus. We have also invited two prominent scholars in the field of early Christian history to speak alongside us – the authors Dr. Robert Eisenman (Dead Sea Scrolls authority) and Professor Joseph Gebhart of the University of Nevada (translator of the Clementine Recognitions and Homilies).

Other speakers will include Rev. Robert Petrovich – presenting his new translation of the early Christian text, the “Odes of Solomon“; Bishop Gene Savoy, Jr.speaking on Christianity and God’s Sun; Rev. Rebecca Willis – reviewing the milieu of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus; and, Rev. Gary Buchanan – discussing ancient Buddhism and the universalist teachings of the ancient Essenes – and providing a brief paper on the epigraphy of ancient solar cultures in North and South America.

In this vein, we have also received special permission from the local Native American Paiute Tribal Council to visit North America’s oldest and best petroglyph site just north of Red Rock Consecrated Sanctuary with an informed guide.

he planned field trip to that sacred site, dated to just after the last Ice-Age, will allow us to better understand the ancient Si-Te-Ca civilization and its solar culture. Not only are these ancients referred to in our Prophecies, but glyphs on the stones bear striking similarity to those we have found among the Chachpoyas Kingdom in northeastern Peru, e.g. on expeditions with our late founder, Bishop Gene Savoy, Sr.

 Importantly, visitors are generally barred from this area near Pyramid Lake. However, the Paiute Council has granted special permission for us to visit and analyze the petroglyphs – based upon our decades of similar epigraphic research in other global locations. This is a most generous gesture from the tribe! Use the contact form to request a registration package.


September 4
September 9


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