Cosolargy® FAQ’s

Cosolargy® is a word derived from three root meanings: co- for “cosmos” or “cosmic”;  solar meaning “sun”; -gy meaning “study of”.  Cosolargy in the rudimentary sense is the study of how cosmic spiritual forces interact with the sun.

Explore some of the most frequently asked questions below.

This FAQ’s section is presented in interview format, where responses to frequently asked questions were taken from a panel of Academy graduates and experts in the practice of Cosolargy. Each panelist has shared a personal perspective, while still providing a valid and authoritative view of the The System. The variety of answers will allow you to form a well-rounded perspective of Cosolargy as an art, science, and technology of being.


What personal benefits can a person expect from practicing the System?


Will The System improve one’s health?


Does The System of Cosolargy have any practical value?


How does The System benefit the world as a whole?


I have already been looking at the sun (on my own). How is Cosolargy different from other simple forms of sun-gazing?


Is Cosolargy a form of sun worship?


Is Cosolargy a religious teaching?


How is Cosolargy different from other spiritual schools or religions?


Is Cosolargy scientifically and or academically based?


I have studied, or am familiar with, other teachings, such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, and others. How is Cosolargy different from other practical systems?


Is Cosolargy related to the Bible or other scriptures and ancient sacred texts?


What educational background would I have to have in order to enroll in The Academy?


Can a person practice The System while working full time and living life with family and friends?


Should I share information with friends and family?


How do I know if I have attained a level that I am now prepared to participate in the studies?


Will I become enlightened in Cosolargy?


What does The Academy prepare me for?


What do I have to give up to practice Cosolargy?


Beyond books and other materials, how is a student guided through studies and practices?


Will I be required to travel to the Community's Center in Nevada?