Formation of Spiritual Schools and Groups

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Formation of Spiritual Schools and Groups

“Sometimes souls incarnate together in groups to fulfill special functions on the planet. The Aborigines and other tribal groups are good examples: they act as keepers of ancient wisdom. Other groups, for example, incarnated sequentially through the lineages of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, then the Essenes, then the Gnostics, then to the Freemasons and Theosophy, … to help ground , and reground, important spiritual teachings in the West. … There are a number of specific soul groups, formed of enlightened beings, that have been identified by mystics and intuitives. … I believe we will feel the subtle vibrations of groups like these—groups who share a frequency and a specific purpose—and we will respect their particular contributions.” ~Penney Peirce

By Harold Boulette
Spiritual Schools and Groups

There have been groups and organizations throughout the ages that have formed to fulfill a specific spiritual purpose or task. There have also been those who imply taught all those who came to them to be more spiritual in a general way. These groups and spiritual schools are found everywhere in the world and are made up of all races. The thing they have in common is that they all seek to develop the spiritual side of man and raise our consciousness to higher, more spiritual, levels. The formation of such groups continues today., even if most people are unaware of it.

Souls Incarnating Together

It is also true that at certain times, souls that are needed to solve specific spiritual problems of that time come into the material world together. These people are destined to work together to fix those problems, or at least minimize them. Others are simply trying to improve our spiritual growth overall.

Inspired Individuals

In addition to these souls that are born into the material world to aid in its spiritual growth, there are those who assist while remaining in the spiritual worlds (or dimensions). Sometimes they will inspire a songwriter to write a song lyrics that reveal certain spiritual truths. In other cases, they may inspire a composer to create a great work with frequencies that aid in awakening spiritual faculties. They may inspire painters, sculptors, even architects to create works that aid in making us more spiritual, often without the artists being at all aware of the source of the inspiration.

The Problem

One of the major problems these spiritual schools have, especially today when nearly every bit of land on the planet is inhabited, is finding those individuals destined to work with the group. Unfortunately, somewhat like a fish laying a hundred eggs to get ten or twenty surviving offspring, some of those who are supposed to be part of a certain spiritual group, or taught by a certain spiritual teacher, are never located. The good news is that while the large population of the modern world, and its rampant worship of materialism, makes it difficult to find those people, modern technology can be a great aid. Today, spiritual groups are coming out of secrecy and advertising in various media, creating web sites and blogs, using social media sites, and anything else they can to let people know where they are. So if you are seeking, it shouldn’t be that hard to find those spiritual schools, no matter where you live in the world.

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