“And now if we meditate and consider of the original of the four elements, we shall clearly find, see, and feel the Original in ourselves, if we be men and not beasts. … For the original is as well known in Man, as it is in the Deep of this World; although it seems wonderful to the unenlightened Man, that any should [be able] to speak of the Original of the Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, as also of the starry heaven; he supposes the impossible to be known. … And if you open the yes of your Mind, you will see that Fire is in Water, as may be seen in a storm. … So, also you may see that there goes forth from it a mighty forcible Air, and that they are in one another. … But you will not find this root here, you must look into the Matrix, and there it is wholly manifest.” ~Jacob Boehme

By Harold Boulette

The Four Elements

I can remember science teachers in high school, and perhaps ever grade school, laughing at the silly ancients who believed that everything was made up of four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. Science has shown us that these primitive ancients were all wrong. Or were they? Actually, it may simply mean that the materialistic scientists of the modern world simply understood what was meant.

Think about it. If the four elements represent material things like air and water, how could they be the source of air and water and other matter? They would have to exist before they existed in order to create themselves. It creates a paradox in that materialistic viewpoint. But the four “elements” the ancients were really talking about were four forces that were represented by the four selected elements. On the level of the material world, modern science recognizes these four forces as gravity, electromagnetism, the strong force, and the weak force. On the spiritual level, we might call them the creative force, the destructive force, the rising force, and the lowering force. cross of forcesThose four primary forces do indeed create all the various things that are manifest, either under the direction of God and Christ on the spiritual level, or Satan and his minions on the level of matter. It is not only possible, but likely, in my opinion, that the first primitive representation of God as a simple cross, or a cross in a circle, represented these four forces flowing out of God (it also represents the spiritual sun).

The Power of the Forces

When Boehme tells us that there is water in fire, air in earth, fire in air, and so on, what he is hinting at is that it is the interaction of these four major forces or powers that creates all things, but also that they effect that which already exists, including us.

The creative force helps us grow, learn, and become creative. It is the power that helps us solve problems, especially new problems. The destructive force, being the opposite of the creative, tries to prevent growth, prevent learning, prevent all forms of creativity.

The other two yin-yang type forces I have called the rising force and the lowering force to make it easy to understand what they are all about. The complete universe is made up of nine dimensions. I’m not going into details on that in this post, but the idea is that the material dimension we live in is the third, with the higher dimensions being more spiritual and the lower being more material. The rising force make every possible effort to raise us out of the cave, out of the mud of matter into the higher realms of spirit. But while it does that, the lowering force is trying to pull us down even further into the abyss.

Controlling the Forces

The good news is that we don’t have to let these forces pull us around and make us go where they want to. In various people these forces manifest to different degrees, or different strengths, and may lead them in one direction or another, but we don’t have to accept that as inevitable. When we go to a train station, we don’t randomly jump on a train and hope it will take us somewhere we want to go. We chose a train that is going where we wish to go. And if there is no train going to the exact place that is our goal, we chose one that will at least take us in the right direction, rather than just sit in the depot hoping there will one day be a train to the right place. Likewise, we can choose to favor the creative force over the destructive, the rising force over the lowering. Partly we do that simply by willing it, by concentrating on it. Partly we need to develop our spiritual faculties which are more ale to deal with these forces appropriately. So I guess we should really say: “Let the forces be with you!”

This post was previously published on the Solar Wind blog.