The birth of the Real is perceived only through Glamor1; it is not a reality. He for whom the Real is really born, must think of it as perpetually reborn. …

As in dream the mind divides itself into the seer and the thing seen through the power of Glamor, in just the same way the mind, in waking, divides itself into the seer and the things seen, through the power of Glamor. 2

As the mind, which is really not divided, appears as divided in dreams; in just the same way the Mind, really not divided, appears as divided in waking.3

Whatever division there is, among things animate or inanimate, is an appearance of the Mind’s making. When Mind transcends mind, no division any longer exists. 4

When by awakening to the reality of the Self, the minds imaginings are brought to rest, then does Mind transcend mind, ceasing to grasp after externals, since naught is left, other than Self, for it to grasp.5

The true knowing is declared to be free from imaginings, and not separate from what is known;6 the Eternal, unborn, everlasting, is what is known; by the unborn the unborn is comprehended.7

The condition of the mind which has transcended itself, which is free from imaginings and has reached wisdom, is beyond the condition of dreamless sleep, and different from it.8

For in dreamless sleep the mind has simply sunk into quiescence; but when Mind transcends mind it has not simply sank into quiescence, but has entered completely into the realm of wisdom, the fearless Eternal.

Unborn, beyond drowsiness, beyond dream, beyond both name and form, shining out all at once, all knowledge9, beyond the need of specific forms of service.

From the Mandukya Upanishad


1Glamor as in a magical enchantment or spell that hides the truth.

2Just as a puppy looking into a mirror thinks he is seeing another puppy, we look at other reflection of the one Self, and think it is another being.

3Note the use of “mind” vs “Mind”. Here “mind” is the brain-mind of the physical realm, while “Mind” is the spiritual Soul Mind that is all knowing (when fully awakened).

4When mind rules, we live in illusion and falsehood, when Mind takes over, we live in truth and wisdom.

5When we become aware that we are a part of the One, and there is only One.

6Once you know Truth, there is no need to imagine a better world, or to theorize and speculate on what reality is.

7The “unborn” meaning the Eternal spiritual beings that exist outside of the concept of time, so they were never born and never die.

8“Dreamless sleep” meaning the world of illusion that most of us dwell in.

9All Knowledge = Gnosis.