“Now the question is; What is God’s Image? Behold and consider the Deity, and then you will light upon it. For God is not a bestial man. … God is a spirit, and all three Principles are in Him. And He would make such an image as should have all the three principles in him, and that is rightly a similitude of God. …
“All other creatures which were produced out of the corruptible Limbus by the Fiat, in all those the Will in the Fiat has awakened the Spirit in their Center, and every creature’s spirit went forth … and mixed with the spirit of the great World, of the stars and elements, and that ought not to have been in Man …
“Therefore, He breathed into him the Living breath; understand God’s Breath, that is, the paradisiacal Breath or Spirit, the Holy Spirit, that should be the breath of the Soul, in the center of the Soul.” ~Jacob Boehme

God’s Image

The language Boehme uses, or more accurately, the translations of it, are difficult to follow. Let me put is in simpler terms.

When the Bible, or other holy books say that man was created in God’s Image, it doesn’t mean our physical body is similar to God’s. For starters, God is pure spirit and has no physical body. And the form of God is not that of an old man (why old, artists?) but of a great and brilliant Light. God does not resemble material man at all.

All Creatures

Boehme is telling us two important things about animals and all lifeforms on Earth other than man in the second part of the quote. First, animals do have a spirit. So do flowers, trees, and even rocks. Nothing can exist without a spiritual counter part.

Second, Boehme tells us this animal spirit will become part of the Great Spirit of the world. In other words, the spirit of the world is made up of the many spirits of deceased life forms.

Except Man

Boehme assures us, however, that this is not the fate of man. That man is different because he has a Divine Soul “breathed” into him by God. Because of this soul, man can grow spiritually and return to heaven. What’s more is man can help the animals, plants, and the very planets do the same. And it is God’s intention that we help do just that.

What Boehme doesn’t mention is that when we get down to the individual level, men are not automatically entitled to go to Heaven simply because our physical body died. Heaven is the place of perfected spirits; spirits that have never been corrupted, or have successfully been cleansed of all corruption. That doesn’t happen just by dying. Nor does it happen just by declaring that you are “saved,” or that you are “spiritual”. It is something that has to be worked at, and regularly.

Becoming His Image

To truly be in God’s Image, we must awaken the dormant spiritual faculties within us. Once they are awakened, they must be developed and cleaned of all corruption. Then this developed spirit and soul must join with our mind or mundane self so that we become one complete being. That complete spiritual being can go on to Heaven at some point. Only God’s Image dwells with God.