Gold, Pearls, and the Sun

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Gold, Pearls, and the Sun

Gold of the Sun

By Harold Boulette

“As gold was the symbol of spirit and the base metals represented man’s lower nature, certain alchemists were called ‘miners’ and were pictured with picks and shovels digging into the earth in search of the precious metal—those finer traits of character buried in the earthiness of materiality and ignorance. The diamond concealed in the heart of the black carbon illustrated the same principle. The Illuminati used a pearl hidden in the shell of an oyster at the bottom of the sea to signify spiritual powers. Thus the seeker after truth became a pearl-fisher: he descended into the see of material illusion in search of understanding, termed by the initiates ‘The Pearl of Great Price’.
“When the alchemists stated that every animate and inanimate thing in the universe contained the seeds of gold, they meant that even the grains of sand possessed a spiritual nature, for gold was the spiritual in all things.” ~Manly P. Hall


Much of what was written about alchemists, mystics, and spiritual leaders is in allegory and when we attempt to understand it by a literal interpretation, we come up with nonsense and wonder what was wrong with those people. There were no dragons, in the sense of an actual beast, but as an allegory, they are quite real. There was no physical bird called the Phoenix, but as a symbol of the human soul rising from the dead body, it is real and true. Among the great allegorical symbols used by many of the ancients is the symbolism of gold and the symbolism of the Great Pearl.

Symbolism of Gold

Gold symbolized two primary things: the sun and the spirit. This alone should tell you that the two are connected. The sun was also used to represent the spirit. Mr. Hall is correct in saying that the alchemists, laughed at by modern science for their futile attempts to turn “lead” into “gold”, were really talking about turning materialistic or animalistic man into spiritual man, the Golden Man. I had not previously heard of alchemists sometimes being illustrated as miners digging for gold, but that is another apt analogy. While materialists today think that ancient churches and temples often had much decoration in gold to illustrate wealth, in fact it was to indicate that the church or temple was a spiritual place. Likewise, tales of Eldorado, the rumored gold city of South America that has never been found, is an allegory for a holy city where “golden men” who had achieved a higher state of consciousness lived. Even today, we see a golden sun as a spiritual symbol in the form of the Monstrance found in many Christian churches.

The Great Pearl

In many ancient schools of mysticism and philosophy, a pearl was indeed used as a symbol of the spiritual: the treasure hidden within the rough and ugly shell of the oyster. It is the same allegory Jesus used when he said that it was unwise to cast pearls before swine, meaning that sharing spiritual truth to materialistic types who are not ready to hear it is pointless. Because it is a sphere (more or less), the pearl can also symbolize the sun. So now we have connected the symbolism of gold, pearls the sun and the spirit and soul. To be more specific, however the “hidden pearl” is the spiritual sun hidden behind the physical one that gives forth the “gold” light that awakens the spirit and soul of man. The hidden pearl that one tried to reach using sungazing (or sun-gazing).

Illustration: “Sun Pearl” by Gennady Privedentsev.

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