By Michael McIntire

In the past few months people have asked questions concerning sun gazing while: standing in water, barefoot ground contact, resting against trees and a few others examples. Here is overview of how ‘Grounding’ works in conjunction with sungazing, that you can apply the ‘concepts’ to a variety grounding applications. The core concepts are:

Sunlight, photons, carries information
In Physics this principle is illustrated by a phenomena called entanglement. Entangled quanta of light behave as if able to influence each other — even as they are spatially separated.


When we look at the sun, we are absorbing this information, which initially is not fully processed.
Information needs attached meaning in order to be fully processed. Otherwise it is little more than scattered perceptions. The diagram below might make little sense without an attached meaning,

drood giraffe windowfor example: “giraffe through a window”. Sometimes it can take days, months, or years for the information in absorbed sunlight to unfold and begin to reveal organized or articulated meaning.

Processing this solar information leads to higher understandings.There are an array of “solar eye techniques” that initiate the catalyzation of solar information. The process is similar to the experience we all had when first adopting language in our very early childhood. However, the Language of the Sun is not one of ‘words’ but of images, symbols, and archetypes.

Interference by physical, emotional, or mental stressors inhibits the processing of this solar information. To get the gist of this idea, here are a few quick everyday examples of how these stressors inhibit information flow-
If we are truly emotionally upset, it is more difficult to process the better solution. If our muscles are tense, we cannot move with as much flexibility or speed; that neural information is impeded. When we are mentally stressed, it slows down our thinking and creative processes. Stressors inhibit the flow of relevant information.

Grounding methods are ways to reduce physical, emotional, and mental stressors so that processing the information in sunlight is less inhibited; This basic concept, guided by your own common sense and a few examples, will allow you to make practical and useful judgments concerning grounding and how it relates to sungazing.

Here are some ‘grounding’ examples:

  • Meditations
  • Physical Yogas, Stretching
  • Reasonable or Mild Exercise, Walking
  • Direct contact with Nature: Ground, Vegetation, Water
  • Touch: Loved ones, Massage, puppies, avoid crocodiles
  • Play and Humor: two of the most underrated grounding applications
  • Breathing Regimes: Good to have one or two techniques in your toolbox.
  • Love: This should probably be on the Top of the List.

The whole idea of grounding is to influence our systems- allowing information, or energy, to flow as freely as possible. This will support the processing of information contained in sunlight and increase the likelihood of higher understandings.

Grounding applications are often incorporated in many psychotherapeutic regiments:

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