“The basic element of life is Love. Light, knowledge, and freedom are conditions or Love’s manifestation. … The easiest is the road of Love. The road of wisdom requires great knowledge, and the possibilities for it are less. … Every feeling and deed must be filled with Love. …

“Without Love of God, happiness does not exist. Man’s happiness is in freedom, his unhappiness in slavery. Man’s happiness is in Love, unhappiness in hatred. Happiness is in knowledge and light, unhappiness in ignorance and darkness.

“First, love God, do His will Then love yourself. From the love of God, you will learn how to love your neighbor and yourself. Thus, you will learn how to help and whom to help.” ~Biensa Douno

Love, Light, Knowledge, Freedom

Whether or not Love brings about Light, Knowledge, freedom, and happiness is debatable. There is no doubt, however, that these things belong together. They are all part of a positive life. They are all part of a spiritual life. It is impossible to be truly positive without Love. It is impossible to be truly spiritual without knowledge.

The question is where to start. If you don’t already have all those things, which do you develop first? Mr. Douno thinks it must begin with love. I don’t think we need to make a choice. I think we should work on developing all of those things at once. We will find that many of the same spiritual exercises develop them all when we do. Obviously, those are the best exercises to practice.

So lets ask: What can bring us more love, freedom, alight and knowledge? The answer is that we must awaken our spiritual faculties. We can’t do it with the physical body or the brain-mind.

We awaken the spirit and soul by taking in Light from the spiritual sun. This Light, which is different from physical light awakens and nourishes our spiritual faculties. Once awakened, they can become part of an integrated body-mind-spirit-soul. A whole being, fully functional. But it won’t happen overnight. It generally takes years of practice to get their. Yet even after one day of taking in that Light, we are changed. We start developing love for all. We start gaining knowledge and freedom. The spiritual Light gives us Light.

True Happiness

Douno says we can’t have true happiness without love of God. He is probably correct. It amazes me that some people who join spiritual groups on social media say they are spiritual but they don’t believe in God. I don’t see how that is possible. If you are spiritual, you must believe that spiritual worlds exist. And if spiritual worlds exist, who is in charge? Surely some being or force must be controlling it all. That being or force is God. And if you accept that God exists, you surely must live Him. He is the one who created your spirit and soul.

Happiness in Knowledge

Happiness is in knowledge, but only if that is true knowledge, not propaganda and opinion. I’m not sure that we can say there is no happiness for the ignorant. What we can say is that the happiness they have is fleeting and constantly changing because it is based on lies and illusion.

Hierarchy of Love

First, Love God, Douno says. Then you can love yourself and your neighbors. While it may be possible to love yourself without love of God or anyone else, it will likely be a warped, narcissistic love. It does make sense that we need to love God in order to love our neighbors. We need a spiritual awakening like St. Francis had. That spiritual awakening that apparently allowed him to see the spirits in all. He not only loved his humans neighbors, but also animals, plants, and everything else. That is why he called them all his brothers and sisters. That is real love, real knowledge, real happiness.