MISSION STATEMENT: Sharing the System


We believe there is a universal momentum driving humankind’s consciousness toward a cosmic realization that transcends material existence. Our potential for this realization plays a fundamental role in assuring the best possible future for us on a personal level, as well as for the planet and the cosmos as a whole. We believe that each of us is much more than a material being and that our consciousness originates and issues from a realm beyond this world/dimension. Cosolargy is a recovered spiritual System, utilized by the ancients, that allows one to discover and take part in the world from which all consciousness has its origins, and thereby transcend temporal-material existence. A great love is inherent in all this. Our mission is to share the System with others who are destined at this time to discover their true origins: the Worlds of Light from which all gifts, including life itself, originate.


Gene Savoy Jr 3Cosolargy CrossOur times mark the beginning of a new Solar Age. The ancients held a secret knowledge that sunlight carries information.Interacting with cosmic-solar information gave them a profound and extraordinary understanding of nature and the forces at work within it. It also allowed them to explore spiritual and energetic worlds and dimensions beyond ours giving them acute stages of awareness and Consciousness. Due to even more intense and powerful forces streaming out of the Sun and the Universe in this new era of Consciousness, we have been given a great gift: to surpass the ancients in spiritual understanding and to apply and process the knowledge of heightened spiritual energies for the betterment of ourselves, our planet, and the Cosmos.Truly universal, Cosolargy enhances the spiritual systems of the past for the emergence of a highly evolved individual in today’s modern and dynamic world. We look forward to being part of your quest to further discover, awaken, and experience the splendor of your divine identity.

In Light,
Gene Savoy, Jr., President
Cosolargy International