Jamil: The Revelation

Jamil: The Revelation


The Voice of The Angel spoke from within his being saying: “The New Advent is approaching. One will come into the world to teach the spirits of men and to inaugurate a Christ Age. From earliest times it has been written that God shall send a Holy One at a time when the sovereignty of the world will have passed over to Christ and the consummation of time will have occurred. A Religion of Light, animated and inspired by the powers that brought man into being, shall manifest through the Sun of Righteousness and will give birth to luminous creatures longing for unity with God

The Eternal Child of Light, seeking to restore the world, will put on terrestrial garments and appear as other men; he shall give sight to the spiritually blind. And on this day of days, the treasure of Manna will descend from on high, and the days of the Visitation will have begun. That which was dead shall live again. The Seals shall be opened.” Having said these things, The Angel fell silent

The Light faded. He watched the celestial figures return from whence they came, noting the peaceful eyes of the nearest figure – a vision that would remain with him forever – fading away.

Slowly, the sensations returned to his body. He was conscious of breathing again.

All this time his wife lay asleep beside him, unaware of the events that had transpired.

The Man could not understand the significance of the vision; for, being in and of the world, he was not as yet under inspiration. But the vision gave him great peace – he drifted off to sleep, his spirit rejoicing. He dreamt of journeying to a foreign land and of strange people; wind-swept deserts and snow-capped mountains rose up in his dreams. He found himself in vast green jungles cut by rushing rivers, among great temples of white stone perched atop lonely peaks, broken pyramids, and far-flung cities long-since abandoned by a forgotten people.

An excerpt from Jamil: Child of Light available in eBook form on Amazon.

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