“Scientific and philosophical speculations in regard to what may possibly be true are useless to him who feels and perceives the truth; he does not need to speculate about that which he already sees and knows. He does not require great riches, for the wants of his physical form are few and simple, and moreover, by the action of the spirit within, radiating in an outward direction, the material principles composing his physical form become ore and more sublimated and etherealized, and independent of the necessities of the material plane; until at last, having stripped off the last sheath of the gross and visible form, and having made that principle conscious which gives life within the visible inner body, he may live entirely in the latter, … in possession of powers of whose existence mortal man does not dream.” ~Franz Hartmann

Know Truth

You never hear people debating over what one plus one equals. As long as we are dealing with conventional decimal math, the answer is always two. No one can argue that under certain conditions the answer is 3, 7, or 42. No one can argue that it depends upon your perspective. Truth just is.

Can you even imagine a world where everyone had it? No more could a car salesman lie to you to get more money for the vehicle he is selling, or give you less for the one you are trading in. You would know what both cars were worth, and you would know when someone was trying to scam you. No more could a dictator disguised as a preacher turn over vast amounts of money to him because he claims God wants him to live in luxury while those who support him live in poverty (that’s Satanism people! Wake up!) No more would we be bombarding with political ads full of the worse possible lies, because it would be pointless; no one would be fooled.

One day, it will happen. Not today, and probably not tomorrow, but one day.

Simple Needs

When we know truth, our needs become simple. We do not require, or even desire, vast sums of money. We don’t need to live in a forty room mansion while innocent children are sleeping in the streets and parks. We don’t need exotic and expensive foods purchased for that reason when they supply little nutritional value.

When we know truth we only want to satisfy the actual needs of the body. We eat nutritious food rather than the most expensive, or the most popular. We exercise our physical body rather than wanting servants to do everything for us. In short, the person who has learned truth is never greedy or jealous. He knows that an excess of the material will only act as an anchor preventing spiritual growth.


Knowing truth brings about a transformation. I think Mr. Hartmann’s view of this is exaggerated if you’re talking about what is possible while still in a physical body. Eventually, we will all shed our physical bodies, but that can’t happen while we are living on a physical world.

He is correct, however, in mentioning a change in consciousness. Reaching higher states of consciousness is very much a part of gaining wisdom, knowing truth. The interesting part of this transformation in truth is that it is like tow sides of the same coin. We gain higher levels of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment as we learn more and more truth. We also learn more and more truth as we rise in consciousness. It’s not like flipping on a switch to turn on the lights. It’s more like lighting a fire and feeling the cold room gradually warm up.