Knowledge of Nature and Her Laws

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Knowledge of Nature and Her Laws

“The ancient philosophers believed that no man could live intelligently who did not have a fundamental knowledge of Nature and her laws. Before a man can obey, he must understand, and the Mysteries were devoted to instructing man concerning the operation of divine law in the terrestrial sphere. Few of the early cults actually worshiped anthropomorphic deities, although their symbolism might lead one to believe they did. …

“Sun worship played an important part in nearly all the early pagan Mysteries. This indicates the probability of their Atlantean origin, for the people of Atlantis were sun worshipers. The Solar Deity was usually personified s a beautiful youth, with long golden hair to symbolize the rays of the sun. … The mysteries were organized for the purpose of assisting the struggling human creature to reawaken the spiritual powers which … lay asleep within his soul.” ~Manly P. Hall

Fundamental Knowledge of Nature

It is unfortunate for modern man that our leaders don’t believe in this need for a fundamental understanding of the Laws of Nature. If they did, we wouldn’t have spent billions of dollars over several decades building dams that created worse problems than the ones they were supposed to solve. Now billions more are being spent to tear down many of those dams.  If we followed the laws of nature, we wouldn’t be rescuing thousands from flooded homes built on flood plains.

But is isn’t just our physical life that is affected by nature. Our spiritual life is also. It is therefore wise for the spiritual initiate to learn the laws of nature as well. The first thing to learn, and probably the hardest to accept, is that as physical being we are not more powerful than nature. We cannot control nature, we have to learn to live within the laws of nature.

Nature and Sun Worship

The sun is a very important part of nature, so sun worship might be a natural offshoot of that. There were many primitive people who did worship the sun. The people of Atlantis and the mystery schools were not among them. Mr Hall himself says they did not worship anthropomorphic deities, then falls into the trap of believing they were sun worshipers. Simply because they faced the sun when they prayed doesn’t mean they were worshiping the sun. If I go into a church to pray, it doesn’t mean I am worshiping the church.

The ancients did not think the sun was a deity, though they may have symbolized it as such. They thought of it more as a window between heaven and earth. A window one could look through with practice and the right attitude and methods. It was the thing that linked God to Nature and man to God.

Two Suns

The ancients of Greece, Egypt Atlantis, and other places recognized that there were actually two suns in nature, or two levels to the sun. There is the physical ball of fire in the sky. Beyond that is the spiritual sun. The physical sun is important for all material life on planet Earth. The spiritual sun is equally important for the spirit and soul. The ancients understood this. At least those who attended mystery schools did. They also understood that sun-gazing alone is not enough. Normal sun-gazing is just looking at the physical sun. You need to be looking more at the spiritual sun which requires learning and practicing special techniques.

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