Lifting the Veil Between Us and God


Lifting the Veil Between Us and God

By Harold Boulette
Lifting the Veil

“O Great One, hidden within the eternal silence, who shines forth as a beacon of light to few men. O lighten our darkness and our fear-shadowed hearts! Lift the veil just slightly, that we may understand something of Your greatness.
“We are not uninstructed and know we can be granted no more than a glimpse of Your greatness, for to receive more would be too awesome for the frail constitution of man. This is why the ignorant doubt, for their very ignorance spawns the frailty, which inhibits their enlightenment. … O Great One, grant that the spirit within us may be helped to cleanse itself of the besmirching foulness spawned by our thoughts. Remove from us every trace of that, which may pollute, and let us know timeless splendor in glory.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:22:8-10)

The gist of this is that the speaker is asking God, the Great One, to shine forth on us with His Divine Light, and lift the veil that keeps us from knowing His greatness. The think that the speaker doesn’t seem to quite understand about this veil is that we are as responsible for it as God is, perhaps more so. That veil (more like a wall) between us and God rose up when we violated God’s Law as depicted in the allegorical tale of Adam and Eve as well as the story of Lucifer and the fallen angels. So it is good to ask God to help remove the veil, but we also need to work at it ourselves.

So how do we work at removing the veil? The fist step is to stop believing that the material world is the only world, or worse yet, that the world of spirit is like a ghostly copy of the physical world and we will do things there much as we do them here. So lets start by clearing that delusion. There are no factories to work I in the spiritual world and no offices to go to. There are no hunting zones or fishing holes. There are no gardens of flowers or vegetables. There is nothing of the physical world there at all, period, and that is a good thing. It’s a good thing because what would be the point of striving to get to the spiritual world if it was just a ghostly copy of this one?

In the second paragraph quoted, the speaker says he knows that we cannot be granted but a glimpse of God’s Greatness. Why only a glimpse? If you find some poor person who has been locked in a windowless basement for years, and get him out, he will be blinded by the bright light of a normal day. He must be reintroduced to that light gradually and allowed to adjust to it. Likewise, when a nearly starved animal is rescued, it cannot be immediately fed a large meal, but must be gradually given food to allow it to reawaken its digestive system. In most of us, our souls are starving and our spirit are in a dark basement. We come into this world with those spiritual faculties in a dormant state and they will remain that way unless we seek to awaken them, or a traumatic experience causes them to awaken.

Waiting and hoping for a traumatic event to awaken your soul is not a good idea. Not only is it an unpleasant experience, but it’s a lot like the person whose retirement plan is to buy a lottery ticket each week in the hope of defying great odds and winning the jackpot. So by all means, ask for God’s help, but don’t just stand their waiting for Him to come down to you because it isn’t going to happen. You have to make the effort to climb up toward God by first awakening the spirit and soul, and then taking in spiritual Light to raise your frequencies ever closer to those of God and the angels. When a parent sees a toddler playing in a mud puddle, she doesn’t jump in to get him, but yells at the kid to get out of the mud and come inside, then she cleans him up. Likewise, we cannot expect God to jump into the mud puddle of the material world with us, but must instead climb out of the mud and move closer to Him.

The speaker goes on to ask God to grant that his spirit may be cleansed of the evil done to it by his own bad thoughts. Note that he doesn’t ask God to do it, but only to grant that it can happen. He recognizes that he must work at cleansing his own thought and not expect God to do it for him. Positive thinking and visualization are indeed good things and I recommend them highly, but sitting at the starting line of a race and visualizing yourself at the finish isn’t going to make it happen. You have to get off your butt and run the race while visualizing yourself reaching the finish line. On the spiritual side, start moving toward that veil between you and God and when you get close, you may find it is not too difficult to remove at all.

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