The Light of the Infinite Spirit

Infinite Light

The Light of the Infinite Spirit

The Light of the Infinite Spirit

The light of the infinite Spirit came down to a feeble nature for a short time until all the impurity of nature became void, and in order that the darkness of Nature might be blamed. I put on my garment which is the garment of the light of the Majesty1 – which I am.

I came in the appearance of the Spirit to consider the whole light which was in the depths of the Darkness. According to the will of the Majesty, in order that the Spirit by means of the Word might be filled with his light independently of the power of the infinite Light, and at my wish, the Spirit arose by his (own) power. His greatness was granted to him that he might be filled with his whole light and depart from the whole burden of the Darkness2. For what was behind was a dark fire which blew (and) pressed on the Spirit. And the Spirit rejoiced because he was protected from the frightful water. But his light was not equal to the Majesty. But <what> he was granted by the infinite Light, (he was granted it) in order that in all his members he might appear as a single image of light. And when the Spirit arose above the water, his black likeness became apparent. And the Spirit honored the exalted Light: “Surely thou alone art the infinite one, because thou art above every unconceived thing, for thou hast protected me from the Darkness. And at thy wish I arose above the power of darkness.

And that nothing might be hidden from you, Shem, the thought, which the Spirit from the greatness had contemplated, came into being, since the Darkness was not able [to] restrain his evil. But when it appeared, the three roots became known as they were from the beginning. If the Darkness had been able to bear up under his evil, the mind would not have separated from him, and another power would not have appeared.

But from the time it appeared I was seen, the son of the Majesty3, in order that the light of the Spirit might not become faint, and that Nature might not reign over it, because it gazed at me. And by the will of the greatness my equality was revealed, that what is of the Power might become apparent. You are the great Power which came into being, and I am the perfect Light which is above the Spirit and the Darkness4, the one who puts to shame the Darkness for the intercourse of the impure practice5. For through the division of Nature the Majesty wished to be covered with honor up to the height of the Thought of the Spirit. And the Spirit received rest in his power.

For the image of the Light is inseparable from the unconceived Spirit. And the lawgivers did not name him after all the cloudsof Nature, nor is it possible to name them. For every likeness into which Nature had divided is a power of the chaotic fire which is the material seed, the power of the Darkness imprisoned it in the midst of its members.

~From The Paraphrase Of Shem, the Nag Hammadi Library


1The Spiritual Light of God.

2The material world.

3The Christ Spirit, which has appeared is several men, not only Jesus.

4The Perfect Light is part of the Oneness of heaven and not subject to the duality of the physical plain.

5Intercourse does not necessarily mean sex.

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