Living Consciousness of the World and Universe

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Living Consciousness of the World and Universe

“What if our definition of life is far too limited? What if everything is living, in that everything is made up of the consciousness of the creator? And by direct implication, what if everything is aware? What if water is aware. And what if the electron is aware? Not aware in the same way as the human being is aware, of course, with our ability to reason, but still fundamentally aware? …
“And here we come back, in a clearer light, to the quote by Richard Conn Henry, professor of physics and astronomy at Johns Hopkins University: ‘Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial—mental and spiritual.’ …
“There is only one universal intelligence manifesting as seemingly living and nonliving matter with a separate existence unto itself.” ~Ziad Masri

Living Consciousness

We are living beings. Yet parts of us are dead according to traditional science. Our top layer of skin is dead. So is our hair. At least that is want the scientists say. But it just doesn’t make sense to me that we are partially dead. It is more likely that the definition of life used by those scientists is too limiting.

I am aware that I have hair. That awareness alone means the hair is alive in my mind. And if it is alive in my mind, then it lives. The same is true of my skin and any other part of my physical body that is considered dead. It can’t be truly dead if it lives in my consciousness.

Consciousness of Nature

Those same scientists tell us that nature is not a being, not intelligent. They say that events in nature happen randomly. But it doesn’t take a lot of observation to see that it isn’t random. Frogs never give birth to turtles. Turnips never grow on apple trees. And evolution in plants and animals is always in one direction: from simple to complex. Mammals don’t evolve into worms. Roses don’t evolve into algae. There is order in nature, and order requires intelligence. It may be a limited kind of living consciousness, yet consciousness is there. Nature could not function without it.

Living Consciousness of the Physical Universe

The physical universe may be the realm of darkness created by the Demiurge, yet it to is living and conscious. Unlike the true God, the fallen angels (or Demiurge) cannot create from nothing. They had to create the physical realm by altering parts of the spiritual realm. Since nothing can be more alive or more conscious than spirit, there must be some living consciousness left in the physical universe. It is defective living consciousness where things dies, stars explode, etc. Yet it is still conscious and still alive.

Living Consciousness of the Spiritual Universe

Since the physical universe is derived from the spiritual one, the spiritual worlds must be even more conscious and living than the lower realms. It is also the home of the true God and the angels. Naturally, those higher beings live n the level with the greatest living consciousness. And this living consciousness governs all lower levels. This top-level of consciousness knows nothing of death or disease. It is a realm where everything is alive. Therefore, all subordinate levels of existence must also be alive.

One Living Consciousness

The quote says there is but one living consciousness shared by all beings. Most spiritual teachers agree with that. Even if there are many different ones that simply communicate with each other to maintain order, they are functioning as a single living consciousness when they do that. So remember that we you seek higher levels of consciousness, you are already part of it.

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