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By Reeny Carvotta Barron 

A Knowing Heart

I didn’t learn this when I went to business school or any school; yet when I found it, it was something I absolutely delved into and wanted to learn more. We all have something to offer that is a perfect fit for us and for the people we are meant to serve and work with. Believe me, understanding this ONE concept in its truth becomes our internal compass. This ONE idea leads us to greater fulfillment in life, more peace, calm and success answered all my questions.

Quantum Physics has found that, at the very core of ever object, we are all, in essence the same. You can call it God, Spirit some call it Essence. In reality this Essence is you. It is what you access in your heart when you feel love, or certainty, or that all is right in the world. The key to connecting our emotional/intuitive gifts with our brain’s ability to decide and direct has been in our head. Yet it is in the heart where we can access all of the knowledge necessary that is contained within our cells and DNA. The use and the results of living from a heart centered consciousness is unlimited.

Living with heart centered consciousness is our pathway to a much larger human shift into a new way of existence.

As we practice and continue to have experiences of heart centered consciousness, our everyday state of mind shifts more and more into the heart-centered zone. The heart is a bridge between the earthly and spiritual levels of human consciousness. Heart centered consciousness is where spiritual awakening occurs, changing one’s viewpoint of reality permanently. Once we see and experience this expanded realm of consciousness, it enhances our views and abilities for life. The energy of the heart is the energy of love and we are love and loved. Never is there a time more than now when we are learning breathing, moving, speaking, writing, experience life on a conscious level. We already carry “the Core of Who We Are”. There is much to be said by a knowing heart, where the assemblage point of everything takes place. Where we feel in the deepest part of ourselves is now moving into a new age – age of heart centered consciousness.

Our emotions are the connector of thought and belief.

Our heart sits in the middle of our energy system and is in this place our life become alive and real, where truth is that will never hide from us. It is always present and every willing to guide and support you. When you act from heart centered consciousness you start to affirm your truth, for you not someone like you.

— this is where knowing what you want to bring to this world becomes alive.

Heart centered consciousness takes practice, vigilance and patience. When you are there you will know for sure what actions to take with certainty. The outcome of where you will remember, receive and live in peace, harmony and happiness.

Reene Carvotta BarronReeny brings together the strengths of working with her Higher Guidance and Intuition to help others open to their Truth of Purpose of Who Why and What.

She is a True Purpose Coach, Using Awakening the Heart Practices and Connecting Heart and Business guiding corporate women find their voice and embrace a soul aligned path life that will bring greater joy, freedom, success, and inner peace.

Her blogs, includes inspirational articles are written to guide women to be one who lives with joy and purpose.

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