The Longing and The Light

sungazing or sun gazing

The Longing and The Light

“Thus it may very plainly be understood, that the Light of God is a Cause of all things, and you may hereby understand all the three principles: for if the Power, Virtue, and Light of God were not, then there would be also no attractive longing in the dark Eternity. … The Divine Virtue shines in every Thing, and yet it is not the Thing itself, but the Spirit of God in the second principle. … The heart of God is in the Father, in the First Will, and then Father is the first Desiring or Longing after the Son, and the Son is the virtue and Light of the Father, from whence the eternal nature becomes always longing.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Light of God

It is really quite remarkable how so many people who are religious, who read scripture, who attend services regularly, don’t seem to get the important relationship of God to Light. They either interpret Light as being symbolic of something else, or they downplay it’s importance altogether.

As far as symbology goes, it is not the Light which is symbolic of something else, but many other terms and images found in scripture that are allegorical representation of this Spiritual Light. God’s Grace, the burning bush of Moses, the pillar of fire, the Star of Bethlehem, the flaming sword of Michael, and so on are really just symbols of either the Light itself, or the Spiritual Sun which is the primary source of that Light on planet Earth.

In the past, it has been easy for churches and governments to deny the importance of the Light and the Spiritual Sun, but that has chanced in two ways. First, we now have the backing of the science of Quantum Physics. In Quantum Physics, it is now a widely accepted theory that the so-called solid universe of matter is not at all solid but is just a very complex matrix of constantly moving and changing beams of light. It is further theorized that those beams of light carry information and as they cross each other, they share information (which all fits quite nicely with the Information Factors we learn of in Cosolargy). Second, we are now in the times of the Sun of Righteousness which brings that Spiritual Light to us in a greater strength than ever before.

Boehme notes that this Light, this Presence of God, is found in all things, but is not the thing itself. Another way of putting it is that all things originated with God, but the final form may be created by man or Satan, yet there is always a bit of that Divine Spark within it making it possible for it to be redeemed.

The Longing

We all have longings for many things, some good, some not. Boehme says, in his obscure way, that the Son came about because of God’s own Longing. “Longing for what?” we might ask. Some say it was a longing to understand Himself. Other that it was a longing to have another presence, another being to communicate with, even if that being is just a portion of Himself. Other say the Son is not a being at all, but simply the creative force of God the Father. Such points can be argued forever and we will probably never know the answer until we have become one with the All, yet it is important to know that even God has longings.

In our lives, we have many desires. We desire to be wealthy, to be famous, to be president, and so on. But those desires are not the same as The Longing. This longing is a deep down thing, that gnaws at us incessantly and many try desperately to hide from it. This is the longing for something more, something beyond the emptiness and futility of the materialistic life that is promoted by most governments, and even some churches. Some are so successful at hiding from this longing that they may never consciously be aware of it, but they are never truly rid of it.

This “Longing” is for something that cannot be found in the world of matter, so many cannot accept its existence. It is a longing for the spiritual, a longing for truth, a longing for wisdom. The Longing can be quieted or hidden in many ways, but it can only truly be satisfied in one way: by awakening and developing our spiritual faculties. The popular churches of today, which have largely become tools of the government, don’t even mention this and would have no idea how to achieve this awakening. That is why you need a spiritual school that is more than a church where you worship God, a spiritual school where they teach you how to awaken the superman within and become one with God. Only then will The Longing be satisfied.

By Harold Boulette

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