New Solar Age in Cosolargy

Solar energy transformation, thought currents

New Solar Age in Cosolargy

By Gene Savoy, Jr.

In Cosolargy we teach that a New Solar Age has dawned and its affects are being felt by all living things. In time, all living things will adapt, modify and change from the energies being radiated. This change will occur within the framework of the form of man and woman, for all people are miniature suns and star systems connected to the greater suns and stars of the Universe.

Intelligence of God

The energy now being radiated and emitted is filled with the Intelligence of God, and man and woman are experiencing an alteration of being. Importantly, Man’s Consciousness is also being altered. And in this great solar age come upon the world, we are able to use the energy of the Sun directly, just as humankind has used the energy locked up within the matter of the Earth.

The intelligence being released by solar energy is pressing upon man and woman – molding us and speaking to us in ways our physical ears and senses cannot necessarily hear or comprehend. But it is affecting us. A second part of Man, our body as a being of Light, is being awakened, stirred and enveloped in brilliant displays of Light. And this Light body shall shrivel up the material body, and our spiritual minds shall shine forth as suns. The purpose for this is for us to think new thoughts – spiritual thoughts – divine thoughts.

Positive Mutation from Solar Energy

The positive mutation of the form and being of Man shall eventually cause a new species to walk the Earth. And with this, time and space and dimension will change, and Man will journey to the sun and the stars. And men and woman of Light shall multiply and explore new worlds that are presently beyond the realm of their senses. And people of Light will see time, space and dimensions in an entirely different way.

Such people the world has never seen since the beginning of the Creation. And in time, even secular science will know that Man is a glorified being who walks with God. And great beauty, happiness and peace shall come to humankind through his new Form, Being and Consciousness. And God shall merge with men and women of Light. Darkness shall be swallowed up and destroyed and the Light established forever, and those of Light shall see only everlasting Light and shall never sleep or see Darkness again. That is the promise of the Second Advent of God which dawned with the birth of the Sun of Righteousness fifty-six years ago.



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