Nirvana and Expanded Consciousness

By Harold Boulette

The true teaching is that Nirvana is a state of the fullest consciousness—a state in which the soul is relieved of all the illusions of separateness and relativity, and enters into a state of Universal Consciousness, or Absolute Awareness, in which it is conscious of infinity, and eternity—of all places and things and time. Nirvana instead of being a state of nothingness, is a state of ‘Everythingness.’” ~William Walker Atkinson

Whether you call it Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Nirvana, Enlightenment, or some other name, it all means that same thing: that state of being in which one is fully conscious of the universe and everything in it. And that is not limited to the material level of the universe, but more significantly, includes the spiritual planes of existence also. In fact, one cannot hope to achieve this Nirvana without using the spiritual faculties.

To a materialist, this all seems total nonsense. To them a higher state of consciousness means getting another college degree and filling your brain with more and more “facts” that are often not facts at all, but opinion. That attitude is understandable since some of them have tried very hard to understand the spiritual with the brain, and to achieve these high levels of consciousness using the brain. Unfortunate for them, it just can’t be done.

To understand the complete universe and achieve Cosmic Consciousness, one must use his spiritual faculties, along with the brain/mind and the senses of the physical body. A blind person may smell the rose very intensely, but can never really know its beauty. Likewise, a person who attempts to know the universe using only half of his senses will fall far short. And understanding the spiritual is more important than understanding the physical.

If you want to understand raisins in great detail, you must study the grapes which are dried to make raisins. When it comes to the structure of the universe, the material plane is the raisin, and the spiritual levels are the grapes. So the quest for Universal Consciousness, or Nirvana, must begin with awakening the spiritual faculties and learning about the worlds of spirit from which the material was generated. Awakening the spiritual faculties is, however, more complicated than wishing for it to be so.

The spiritual potential of man is actualized by increasing the frequency of the non-physical fields around the physical organism; i.e., the Light body.” ~Gene Savoy

The spiritual faculties are awakened by Light, but not just any light. It must be Light of specific frequencies and sufficient strength. That Light comes to us primarily from the spiritual sun, or The Sun of Righteousness. It is that Light that awakens the spirit and soul and increases our frequencies so we can, eventually, understand the whole universe. It is only through taking in that spiritual Light on a regular basis that we can raise our frequencies high enough to communicate with the highest levels of the universe and achieve Nirvana, or Christ Consciousness. It is a difficult path to follow, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Spiritual energy is just as real as physical energy. It can be tapped and used as a source of life of a higher nature.” ~Gene Savoy