“It shall not be by one mighty leap that man returns to the Godhead or changes his world into spirit – this happens only by stages and degrees. Yet, once planted, the seed shall send down roots. The sapling shall become a tree of mighty branches raised heavenward. The fruit shall come forth, seeds shall be spread, and the Tree of God shall cover the earth with the fruit thereof.

“Men believe it is by the use of reason or intellect, or by the strength of their bodies, that spiritual things are attained. This cannot be true. The mind and the intellect, like the strength of body, become weak with age. Only the spirit grows strong with the passing of years, and at the time of physical death, returns in splendorous Light to the source of its origin, a holy figure graced with the True Image of God filled with His Word.

“No earthly teaching is of enduring truth. All worldly things change with the passing of time and the changing conditions on the planet. All is change. Only spiritual Truth endures.

“There is one spiritual Truth, and if this one Truth not be discovered by man, all is in vain and nothing of enduring worth is ever attained.”

Prophecy of the End Times, Chapter 82, page 633