Perceptive Eye and an Open Mind

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Perceptive Eye and an Open Mind

“Consider the might and actions of the light mind. How vast it is over the keepers of the watch of the body! He stays in his camp. He closes down the body’s deliberations from the temptations of sin. … He bestows a great spirit over the elect. … I have taught you the deeds of the light mind. Whoever has an open and perceptive eye, the light mind can appear to him. Whoever lacks that eye, the light main cannot appear to him. I will teach you and open your eyes to this wonder.” ~Mani

By Harold Boulette

A Perceptive Eye

Mani was a gnostic prophet and teacher who founded the movement called Manichaeism. His teachers were, naturally, very similar to those of other Gnostic teachers, thought the words and the allegories he used to express these truths were different.

Specifically, I don’t know of any other school that uses the term “light mind”. Most talk of a spiritual mind or an awakened soul. Regardless, they are all speaking of the same thing which we will call the Awakened Soul, or simply the Soul.

Mani says that this Soul is “vast over the keepers of the watch of the body.” By this he means that the awakened soul, once it is given dominion over the ego (an important step for true spiritual growth), will keep us from making foolish choices that please the body but harm the spirit and soul. This awakened Soul keeps us in “his camp” meaning in the spiritual realm. This does not mean giving up of the physical body and the brain-mind and letting them rot, but it means that, while continuing to take proper care of those lower-vibration faculties we emphasize the care of the higher facilities: the spirit and Soul.

Mani says that we must have an “open and perceptive eye” in order to experience this Light Mind, or higher consciousness. By open eye, he clearly means an open mind, one not set in its beliefs, one open to new experiences, one open to truths that shatter many of its previously accepted “truths”.

A perceptive eye goes even beyond that. Even just on a physical level, most of us go through live with very little awareness of what is happening around us, and this isn’t something new that started with people who are walking down the street staring at a cellphone screen instead of looking at the people and things around them. Even before we had any electronic technology, we didn’t pay much attention to the world around us; its human nature. There are so many things going on that we can’t pay attention to it all, so we learn to be selective and ignore sounds, scents, and visual clues that don’t concern us. The farmer noticed the clouds, the insects, and other things that might affect his crops, but ignored the politicians until a war breaks out and the farm gets destroyed in the battles. The urban dweller noticed what shops had good, fresh fruit and vegetables, and bought there, with little concern about where those healthy foods came from, until they weren’t available because of the war destroying the farms, etc. But things happen, even on the physical level, which give us clues to something beyond the physical, if we only paid attention.

A Non-Physical Perceptive Eye

A perceptive eye, on the psychic level (just beyond the physical), notices things like those inexplicable movements we sometimes catch out of the corners of our eyes. They notice those tiny bits of light that sometimes float around in front of our eyes, especially at times of euphoria, and don’t dismiss them as a trick of the eyes. A perceptive eye notices the energy field, or aura, around other people, and even plants and animals, even if only as a vague and nearly invisible disturbance around them.

Most of all, at least as far as advanced teachers like Mani are concerned, is that the perceptive eye is open to seeing things at a spiritual level, but this requires something more that mental discipline and openness. No matter how open the mind is, and no matter how accepting it may become of that which is different, the physical eyes of the body simply do not have the ability to see the spiritual. Just as they cannot see ultra-violet or infra-red light, they cannot perceive the spiritual worlds and spiritual beings that exist right here and now, but at much higher frequencies than our physical eyes can see. So in order to truly have perceptive eyes, one must open his spiritual eyes. The spiritual eyes can be considered to be part of the spiritual body, or just the spirit. When we are born into the physical world, we have a spirit and soul, but it is dormant, like an egg still trapped in a shell. It must be awakened, it must be hatched, using the warmth and Light of the Spiritual Sun. When the spirit and soul are awakened, so are the spiritual eyes and other spiritual senses and it is primarily these eyes which Jesus opened when it was said that He made the blind see. Not only is the spiritual eye the only one that can see on the spiritual level, but it is the most perceptive eye on all levels, so to truly have perceptive eyes, awaken your spirit and soul.

This post was previously published on the Solar Wind blog.

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