Poimandres Ascent of the Soul

Ascent of the Soul

Poimandres Ascent of the Soul

The Ascent of the Soul Through Seven Zones

“Mind, you have instructed me well in all things. But tell me more about the ascent. How shall I come to life?1

At this Poimandres said, “First, with the dissolution of your material body, you yield your character to the demon.2 Your Image vanishes. The bodily senses return o their own sources, becoming part of the cosmos, and, combined in new ways, do other work. And anger and desire enter thoughtless nature.3

“And then man rises into the harmony, the world of the spheres. In the first zone he leaves behind the force to grow and decrease4, in the second the machinations of evil, in the third the guile of lust, in the fourth his domineering arrogance, in the fifth his unholy daring and rashness, in the sixth his striving for wealth by evil means, and in the seventh zone the malicious lie: all rendered powerless.5

Entering the Eight and Becoming Divine

“Then, stripped naked by the force of the harmony, he enters the eighth sphere of the fixed stars, and possessing his own energy he remains there with others, singing hymns to the father. And the others are happy at his coming. Resembling those who live there, he hears the powers who have their place in the substance of the eighth sphere and who sing to God with a special voice.6 They move in order up to the Father.7 They surrender to the powers, and become the powers, and are in God. This is the good, the aim of those who have gnosis.

Extract from “Poimanders”, an ancient Gnostic book.

1Real Life, Spiritual Life.

2Your Ego, material mind.

3You lose ego-based desires and emotions.

4In a material sense, you continue to grow spiritually.

5As you advance to higher dimensions, or higher states of consciousness, you lose many of the negative aspects of lower levels.

6A spiritual voice, since he no longer has a physical body and mouth.

7Even on the spiritual planes, we continue to grow and climb to higher levels.

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