Primal Consciousness and the Spiritual Sun

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Primal Consciousness and the Spiritual Sun

“It is enough for man to direct his gaze towards the rising Sun to dispense the clouds gathered inside his consciousness. Such a thing is the Primal consciousness. It is enough for man to link up with that consciousness, so he can disperse the anguish and suffering gathered within him. The Primal consciousness is the Sun on the horizon of our spiritual life. It is in a position to awaken the consciousness of every man, to bring in more light, more life into it. … The Sun is an emblem of the Great Source of the world. …

“The human brain is like the Earth, which cannot produce by itself; rather, the creative power comes from space. It is the Sun that affects the surface of the Earth.” ~Biensa Douno

Sun Gazing

There are several ways to gaze at the sun. Some are better than others. Some are safer than others. Which you use should depend on what results are desired. If your primary interest is health of the physical body, then simple gazing at the physical sun is enough. If, however, your goal is to awaken and grow your spirit and soul, a different kind of sungazing is needed.

In spiritual sun gazing, the idea is to take in light mostly from the spiritual sun rather than the physical. Exactly how to do that requires training from a spiritual school. It is an advanced mystical training that is not Drafted openly. You do take in light from the physical sun as well, but the emphasis is on the spiritual.

Primal Consciousness

What Mr. Douno calls “Primal consciousness” seems to be the first consciousness. This is the source of all consciousness It is the consciousness of God. It is the goal of most spiritual students and mystics to link with that consciousness. It is not primitive or barbaric as the word “primal” is often used today. Other names for this consciousness include Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness.

When you link with that consciousness, you no longer have to guess what is true and what is false, what is real and what is illusion: you know. God knows all truth and all deception and when you link with that consciousness, so do you.

The First Step

Linking to primal consciousness is not something that happens overnight. It takes a good deal of time to achieve, even temporarily. But every journey begins with a first step and the path of enlightenment begins with awakening the spirit and soul. We do that by taking in the spiritual light of the spiritual sun. But that alone usually isn’t enough. We need to have the right mental attitude. We need to be ready for it.

Mental Attitude

The mental attitude we need if we hope to become one with the Primal consciousness is one of openness. It is necessary to be open minded. We must be ready to accept that much of what we believe is false. We must be ready to see that it is the physical world of matter that is a false world, not the spiritual one. And we must be ready to give up materialistic and egotistical goals. Only one who wished to be part of God’s Great Plan can become one with Primal consciousness.

Primal Consciousness Invites Us

The Primal consciousness of God invites all of us to become one with it. It wants all of us to be part of it. Yet, it will only allow it if we are ready or it. It will only happen if we cleansed ourselves of negative and violent thoughts and emotions. We are invited in, but only if and when we are ready to follow the rules.

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