Reaching Toward Immeasurable Greatness

immeasurable greatness

Reaching Toward Immeasurable Greatness

“Each one will speak concerning the place from which they have come forth, and to the region from which they received their essential being they will hasten to return once again and receive from that place, the place where they stood before, and they will taste of that place, be nourished, and grow. … for that place to which they extend their thought is their root, which lifts them upward through all heights to the father. … Such are they who possess from above something of this immeasurable greatness, as they strain toward that unique and perfect One who exists there for them. … They have neither envy nor moaning, nor is death in them. … But they indeed are the truth, and the Father is in them, and they are in the father.” ~The Gospel of Truth

The Place from Which We Came

We may have been born physically in one nation or another, but that is not what this is about. We originated in the worlds of spirit because that is the home of our eternal soul which existed long before our physical body did. The Gospel of Truth  also says this is the place where we received our “Essential Being”. That is, of course, also our spirit and soul because only the spiritual is essential since only the spirit and soul is eternal. The physical body only exists for a brief time. Whether that is fifty years, seventy, or ninety, it is all a blink of the eye when talking about eternity.

Toward the Immeasurable Greatness

Those who have awakened their spirit and soul do reach for that Immeasurable Greatness which is God. The true God that created the spiritual words and the spiritual beings; not the usurper god who created the physical realms by altering some of the spiritual, slowing it down, lowering its vibrations, until it becomes matter. The Immeasurable Greatness can also refer to the highest levels of the spiritual realms often called “Heaven”.

Spiritual people “strain toward” that Immeasurable Greatness and the Unique and Perfect One, not so much by choice, but because the awakened Soul demands it, requires it to grow.

No Envy, No Death

When you do reach that level of reality, when you do, even briefly, join with God and become one with the Godhead, you lose all envy, all hatred, all desire to compete with other beings, for what do you have to Envy? Can your right hand envy your left/ Can your left eye be hateful toward the right? Of course not. You cannot hate, envy, or feel other negative emotions toward yourself and when you become One with God, “Yourself” is the All, the Everything. All beings are you so jealousy makes no sense.

There is also no death on the higher levels of existence. These are realms of pure spirit—no matter allowed—so they do nor have to deal with change, disease, aging, suffering, and death. In this realm of perfection, such things do not exist, and will never be allowed to enter. That means that those who have such feelings cannot reach those heights until they change, whether they do it in ten years, or ten-thousand.

Reaching for Immeasurable Greatness

You could wait for some tragedy, or dramatic event in your life, to force you to turn away from materialism and seek something more, but that is not the wise choice. The best choice is to start down the path as soon as possible and that means finding time now to engage in spiritual practices, to learn to reduce the negative emotions in your life, to learn to be helpful to others, and to start awakening your spirit and Soul with the Light of the Spiritual Sun with the only truly meaningful form of Sungazing.

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