The Chariot of the Soul

By Jacob Boehme

If you lift up your thoughts and mind and ride upon the Chariot of the Soul, as is before mentioned, and look upon yourself, and all creatures, and consider how the Birth of Life in you takes its original, and the Light of your Life, whereby you can behold the shining of the Sun; and also look upon your imagination, without the Light of the Sun1, into a vast large space, to which the eyes of the body cannot reach2, and then consider, what the cause might be that you are more rational than the other creatures, seeing you can search what is in everything; and consider farther, from whence the elements, fire and air take their original, and how the Fire comes to be in the water, and generates itself in the water, and how the Light of your body generates itself in the water; and then if you be born of God, you attain to what God and the Eternal Birth is.

For you see, feel, and find, that all these must yet have a higher root from whence they proceed, which is not visible, but hidden, especially if you look upon the starry heaven which endures thus unchangeably3; therefore you ought to consider from whence it is proceeded, and how it subsists thus, and is not corrupted, nor rises up above, nor falls down beneath, though indeed there is neither above not beneath there. Now id you consider what preserves all thus, and whence it is, then you find the eternal Birth that has no beginning, anf you find the Original of the Eternal Principle, viz. The eternal indissoluble Band: and then, secondly, you see the separation, in that the material world, with the stars and elements are out of the first principle, which contain the outward and third principle in it; for you find in the elementary kingdom or dominion4, a cause in every thing, wherefore it is, generates, and moves as it does; but you find not the first cause, from whence it is so. There are therefore several principles; for you find in the visible things a corruptibility, and perceive that they must have a beginning, because they have an end. And thirdly, you find in all things a glorious power and virtue, which is the Life, growing and springing of every thing, and you find that therein lies its beauty and pleasant welfare, from whence it stirs. … Thus you see that there is an eternal root which affords this. … Therefore consider from whence the tincture[of Life] proceeds, wherein the noble life springs up, that thus becomes sweet from harshness, bitterness, and fire, and you shall certainly find no other Cause of it than the Light5.


1When Capitalized like this, we can assume he is speaking of the Light of the Spiritual Sun, not the physical.

2The physical eyes cannot see spiritual Light, but they can be affected by it.

3We know now that the stars and “heavens” do change, but not the true Heaven which is spiritual.

4The material world.

5So the Chariot of the Soul is the Light of the Spiritual Sun or Sun of Righteousness.