Sacred Sun and Who it Benefits

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Sacred Sun and Who it Benefits

“Whom is the sun created for? The Sun is created for those who can make use of its light and heat. This Sun is created by God. If you cannot benefit from its light and heat, the sun is not created for you.
“In the morning, at sunrise, the Earth is negative, i.e. it receives the greatest amount of energy. This is an extremely important fact that helps to estimate the significance of the sunrise. We are a part of the organism of the Earth. For that reason, when the organism receives, the human organism receives as well. … That is why the first Sun rays are the most active.
“Great meaning is hidden in the Sun. Those who dislike the Sun do not love God. The Sun does not demand your bows or services. It only gives and says: ‘take all you want from me.’ … The Great only gives and you must apply what is given to you.” ~Biensa Douno

The Sacred Sun

There is the simple sun we see up in the sky that is a great ball of fire. There is some disagreement about whether that fire is atomic in nature, or electrical, but that doesn’t really matter for our discussion. That physical sun is the mundane sun, and as part of the physical universe is vitally important for physical life, but doesn’t benefit the spiritual except in the way that a person can develop spiritually more easily if the mind and physical body are kept healthy and fit.

Beyond that sun, whether you say around it, within it, behind it, doesn’t matter since those terms dealing with physical space don’t apply, is another Sun, the Spiritual Sun, the Sacred Sun. This Sacred Sun is not made of matter, but of spirit and is therefore a creation of the true God, the God of spirit, the God of eternity. It is this Sun that Duono is addressing.

Who is the Sacred Sun for?

You can argue on both sides of this. Some will say that it is created for all, but only some are capable of using it. Other, like Mr. Duono, say it was created only for those who can use it. I have to agree with him to a large degree.

If you think about an automobile as an example, the designers of cars are probably spending most of their time designing for the driver, not those who do not drive. They do, however take the comfort and safety of the passengers into consideration, so there is some involvement of the non-driver in the process.

Likewise, the spiritual or sacred sun is designed primarily for those who can make use of it, but the safety and comfort of others is also a consideration. When legend says that the Phoenix used its wings to block the harmful rays of the sun, this is what it is talking about: the protection of those not yet ready from the spiritual Light of that Sacred Sun. But that won’t happen forever. We are at the beginning of a new age and the enlightenment of those who are ready must proceed even if those who refuse to get involved in it are left behind.

Sacred Sun at Sunrise

Most spiritual schools have taught throughout the ages that the best time for spiritual practices, specifically those involving that Sacred Sun, is sunrise. The Essenes and others always climbed to the highest hill or mountain just before sunrise and began their spiritual techniques just as the sun began to rise. Mr. Duono says this is because the spiritual Sun is most “active” at that time, and that may be true, but it is only a partial answer. A more scientific answer suitable for the people of today is that at dawn the radiation coming to us from the sun is of higher frequencies, I. e., more spiritual frequencies than later in the day. It is also less harsh and less likely to harm the eyes if you know what you are doing when looking toward the sun (please Do NOT stare directly at the sun).

There is an exception and that is with certain people who are already more spiritual than physical and therefore find it difficult to function in a physical world. Such people would benefit by communing with the Sacred Sun mostly at sunset instead of sunrise, though they should do both.

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