“It was taught in Manicheism that from our age onwards the souls of men would began to transmute into good and evil which will manifest in full force in the sixth epoch. In other words: human souls must strong enough to bring good out of evil by a process of spiritual alchemy.

“When the Earth begins to recapitulate the previous phases of its evolution, there will first be a reunion with the Moon, and then of this Earth-Moon with he Sun. The reunion with the Moon will mark the culminating point of evil on earth; the reunion with the Sun will signify, on the other hand, the advent of happiness, the reign of the ‘elect.’” ~Rudolf Steiner

Good and Evil Souls

It is unfortunate that the word “soul” is used to mean several things. It can refer to the mundane soul that every animal including man has. Also it can refer to the Divine Soul. Or it can refer simply to the mind of man.

The Divine Soul can never become evil. If it did, it would cease to be divine and immortal. Do is become dormant, like a person in a coma. That is what happened with the great fall and it still happens every time a person is born on the physical level of reality.

So it is the mind that is really becoming good or evil, not the soul. Not if by “soul” you mean the Divine Soul from God. The mind, and the Ego in the mind become evil. That mind must be overcome by awakening the soul so that it can take control and make us into the good beings God meant us to be.

The Sixth Epoch

The Manechians are not the only ones who taught of six epochs. A few years ago, 2012, to be specific, millions were worried about the end of the world coming in December of that year. When nothing seemed to happen, they all sighed in relief, and went on with their lives as before. Most did, anyway. But while it may seem that the Mayan calendar war wrong, it wasn’t. The fifth epoch did end at that time, and the sixth began. It may seem like nothing significant changes, but that is only true on the lowest levels of reality. On higher levels, quite a lot changed, and the change is ongoing.

Reunion With the Moon

I don’t think Mr. Steiner meant for this idea of the moon reuniting with the earth to be taken literally, but I could be wrong. In any case, the physical crashing of the moon into the earth is not something anyone should look forward too. It would almost certainly wipe out all physical life on the planet.

What Steiner is talking about is a period near the beginning of that Sixth Epoch. This is the “it’s always darkest before the dawn” period. This is a period when the evils of the world will be revealed. This happens in two one. One is that the evil ones start to come out of their hiding places because they see a world that is accepting them. Or at least some of the political leaders are accepting evil as the norm. The other reason is that those of us who are awakening will start to see the evil around us for what it truly is. The evil deeds and evil beings have been around for a long time, but largely unnoticed by most of us.

This phase might be called the pre-dawn of the sixth epoch, the new golden age.

Reunion with the Sun

The too often ignored old-testament prophet Malachi said that the Sun of Righteousness will come in the end times to burn up the wicked and give power to the righteous. Many Christians churches see this Sun of Righteousness as another name for Jesus, as they see all things holy as another name for Jesus. But the term is “Sun of Righteousness,” not “Son of Righteousness.” It refers to the sun, that big ball of fire and light in the sky. More specifically, it refers to the spiritual sun, not the physical. The coming of that spiritual sun, which has now happened, marks the beginning of this sixth epoch. This epoch will be one of spiritual understanding, sharing, caring, joy, and good health. Eventually, death will end and we will live on nothing but the Divine Light of that Sun of Righteousness.

Reign of the Elect

Steiner says this Sixth Epoch will be ruled by the Elect. Unfortunately, everybody seems to think they are the elect, or the chosen ones. The Jews think they are simply by being Jews. Their behavior has noting to do with it.

Likewise, certain Christian sects have declared themselves the chose who will be those to run the world. A simple examination of these people show that they are often among the least spiritual people in the world, so how can they become the leaders of a new spiritual reality?

No, the Elect will not be of any particular race, nationality, or even religion. They will be those who chose o develop their spiritual selves and work to bring about this transformation into the Sixth Epoch of happiness and Light.