Solar Pulsations and Universal Cycles, Physical and Spiritual

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Solar Pulsations and Universal Cycles, Physical and Spiritual

“The unmodified rays of the sun produce aerial convulsions that are marked by thermal contrasts, and other meteorological variations, during which the heat of summer and the cold of winter follow each other and periodically and unceasingly. These successive solar pulsations generate winds, calms, and storms, and in order to protect himself against such exposure and changes in material surrounding, man toils, suffers, and comes to believe that the doom, if not the object, of life on earth is the preservation of the earthly body. … From the cradle to the grave, of these facts man is ignorant, although each individual is aware he is not satisfied with his condition.” ~John Uri Lloyd

Solar Pulsations

Other than being a master of the run-on sentence (86 words in that first one), Mr Lloyd has said quite a lot in this quote. I don’t think I would use the word “convulsions” to describe these changes, though it isn’t false. Rather, I would say that these solar pulsations create cycles. Cycles of hot and cold, wet and dry, calm and stormy, and so on. The effects of these solar pulsations goes way beyond weather.

They can affect business. Like everything else, there are growing cycles for businesses and there are down cycles when no growth is possible. The smart and intuitive business operator doesn’t ignore those solar cycles. She doesn’t waste time any money pushing for growth during a down cycle. Instead, she just does enough marketing to coast through the period, then waits to push for growth when the cycle is on the up side.

In medicine, these solar pulsations matter also. There are periods when a sick or injured person will heal quickly and other times when they won’t. There are periods when they are more likely to catch an illness than others. Doctors and medical researchers will say this is due to the persons state-of-health. While that is true to a large degree, the solar cycles are also involved.

Spiritual Pulsations

These solar cycles or solar pulsations do not just effect the physical world. They can have an effect on the spiritual side as well. We know that when sungazing, especially spiritual sun-gazing, it is usually best to do it at dawn. But there are cycles other than daily one. Cycles measured in days, months, sometimes even years. In part, this is what Astrology is all about. The various constellations people can be born under don’t really have much effect on us. What does is the state of the sun at time we are born.

Beyond the Sun

The sun is not at the highest level of this pulsing. The solar pulsations are the most important to being on Earth, but the sun itself is subject to higher level pulsations. There are cosmic cycles on the galactic level and on the universe level. There are pulsations between the different dimensions of reality.

We are fortunate enough to be living in an age when those universal pulsation are on an upswing. This makes growth easier on both the physical and spiritual levels. Not growth like getting taller, but evolutionary type growth. Growth in mental ability and mental clarity.

In a sense, it is as if the spiritual dimensions have moved closer to us allowing us to access them more easily. Or as if the barriers between dimensions are growing thin allowing us to move between them with less effort.

Using Solar Pulsations

One can make use of those solar pulsations in both their material and spiritual lives. It’s like rowing a boat on a rapidly moving river. If you go with the flow of the water, you will make far more progress than if you go against it. And the cyclical nature of these pulsations means that if the flow is going the wrong way, you just need to wait for the cycle to change direction.

There are times, unfortunately, when we can’t wait and we do have to make an effort to move against a down cycle. We should try to keep that at a minimum so we have energy left to leap forward during the following up cycle.

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