Soul, Behavior and Man’s Choice

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Soul, Behavior and Man’s Choice

By Harold Boulette

“The soul of man stands in the same relation to that spiritual power that fills the universe as the flowers of the field to the light of the terrestrial sun. A plant deprived of light1 will sicken and die, and a soul in which the spirit of holiness does not exist will become degraded lower than the soul of animals; because animals are not given to arguing; they act according to the laws of their nature, while the possession of an intellect enables man to act unnaturally, and in opposition to Divine Law.
“But there have been other men who, by remaining natural and obedient to Divine Law, have grown into a state of spirituality superior to the merely intellectual state.” ~Franz Hartmann

Nourishing the Soul

Man does have a soul (actually two of them, more on that later) and just as the body requires nourishment and energy, so does the spirit and soul. Mr. Hartmann mentions that a plant needs light to survive. So does the spirit, but it is a different kind of light, a different frequency of light. Hartman calls this light “Spiritual Power” which is fine, but it is the same thing as spiritual Light and comes to us primarily from the spiritual sun. Just as those flowers need a certain amount of sunlight to grow and be healthy, the spirit need that spiritual light.

The Soul of an Animal

Mr. Hartmann tells us that a human soul that is not properly exposed to that spiritual power will degrade until it is “lower than the soul of animals”. This is confusing to many sine most religions and spiritual schools teach that the soul is something unique to humans. This confusion is because we actually have two souls: the lower mundane soul is connected to the physical body and mind and is a part of the physical world and the higher Divine Soul which is spiritual and not really connected to the physical world at all. Animals do not have the Divine Soul, but they do have a mundane one. In most cases, when a spiritual writer talks about the soul, he means the Divine Soul, not the mundane.

Animal Behavior

Hartmann further tells us that animals, because of their limited intellect, must act according to their nature, and that is true. What it doesn’t explain, however, is the promise of a great change in animal behavior where “the lamb will lie down with the lion” and so on. This is not really as major a change in the animals as many think. The truth is animal behavior is largely controlled by us, by man. So if we are violent, hateful, and greedy, the animals attuned to the frequencies of those people will act the same way. Other animals, attuned to people who are peaceful and kind will be peaceful and kind as well. They are all acting according to the human frequencies they are attuned to. So when we change, and most of the violence and hatred is gone from man, it will be gone from the animals as well.

Man’s Choice

Finally, we are told that because man has an intellect, he can behave in opposition to divine law. Some, however, choose to obey Divine Law and grow in spiritual wisdom and happiness, some reaching very high states of consciousness. While there are some people who, for various reasons, cannot possibly do this, most of us can. So if we want a better life we need to change ourselves. If we want a better world, we need to change it for the better, and not just complain. We do both by awakening and developing our spirit and Divine Soul and following Divine Law as much as possible.

1I took the liberty of correcting this to “light” instead of “life” which didn’t make any sense, but that is what is actually in the book.

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