Spiritual Quest: a Never Ending Journey

spiritual quest, The One is Light

Spiritual Quest: a Never Ending Journey

“Here than stands the newly awakened self: aware, for the first time, of reality, responding to that reality by deep movements of love and of awe. She sees herself, however, not merely by the thrust into a new world, but set at the beginning of a new road. Activity is now to be her watchword, pilgrimage the business of her life. ‘That a quest there is, and an end, is the single secret spoken.’ Under one symbol or another, the need of that long slow process of transcendence, of character building, whereby she is to attain freedom, become capable of living upon high levels of reality, is present in her consciousness. Those in whom this growth is not set going are no mystics, in the exact sense in which the word is here used; however great their temporary illumination may have been.

“What must be the first step of the self upon this road to perfect union with the absolute? Clearly, a getting rid of all those elements of normal experience which are not in harmony with reality.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Awakening is Just the First Step

To truly have a spiritual awakening is a wonderful experience and a great leap forward. But it is no more the end of the journey of spiritual enlightenment and consciousness expansion than is waking from a night’s sleep the end of the day. One awake, you need to get out of bed and start moving.

The Spiritual Quest and the Symbol

The spiritual quest of the awakened mystic is twofold. One part is to continue his personal spiritual development. He must continue to raise his frequencies ever higher to be able to communicate with the beings that operate on those frequencies: angels and other Beings of Light. He must work towards the ultimate achievement of oneness with God.

The other part is to help others. This is both a need and a desire. The awakened person has a natural desire to help others awaken as well. In a sense, he is obligated to do so. That is because this is really a racial quest rather than an individual one. All of humanity must start moving in that direction. So we need to help others do the same.

The symbol we use to guide us may vary depending on our background. It is most often some type of cross. This picture is of the one we use.

Helping Others

Helping others get started on their spiritual quest, or continue it, can be done in many ways. We can get with individuals and teach them one-on-one. We can hold seminars and teach hundreds at a time. Some of us may choose to write books or blog instead. Sending out some of the spiritual energy that we have taken in on our spiritual quest is another way to help. We can send energy to individuals we know are working on their own spiritual quest, or we can just send it out to anyone who is seeking enlightenment. We should fill that energy with positive thoughts for best results.

Self Cleansing

Ms. Underhill says the first step is what we might call a self cleansing. Actually, the person has probably done a good deal of that already just to achieve a true awakening. But it does need to continue. We need to get rid of false beliefs. It is important that we keep an open mind on everything. We need to accept that there are many things we don’t know, even some we though we did.

This is something that can’t be done in one night. We have to practice looking at ourselves regularly and seeing where we still need improvement. This is not a matter of putting yourself down. It is more like realizing that there is a perfect being deep inside of you and your spiritual quest is to completely free him.

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