Spiritual Sight to See Beyond Illusion

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Spiritual Sight to See Beyond Illusion

“Does it strike you as odd that Einstein, one of the greatest minds the world has ever known, described reality as ‘merely an illusion’? Was he simply referring to some esoteric concept or perhaps speaking metaphorically? …
“There is a staggering amount of scientific evidence that proves that the reality we perceive with our senses is actually a highly convincing illusion. That, as William Shakespeare so eloquently put it, ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.’ …
“Observing the external world with our own two eyes seems to be our proof that there is a very real reality ‘out there.’ … Until, that is, we start getting curious about how our eyes work.” ~Ziad Masri

The Reality of Reality

Actually, Einstein was speaking metaphorically to some degree. Obviously, something cannot be illusion and reality at the same time. So what Einstein and many esoteric and spiritual teachers are talking about is what appears to be reality to our physical senses. They are saying that this “reality” is not as real as it appears to be. Not that is doesn’t exist, but the reality of it is very different from what we think. There is a reality in the physical world, but it is very different from what most of us think it is.

What We See With the Eyes

When it comes to sensing reality, we tend to trust the physical senses more that any esoteric concepts or beliefs. And most of us trust our eyesight more than any of the other senses. If we smell flowers and see a woman we trust the eyes and believe it is a woman wearing perfume with a flowery scent. If we touch something that feels like a baby’s skin, but our eyes see a jellyfish, we accept immediately that it is a jellyfish. Usually, we are right in trusting the eyes so much, but not always.

To a person with certain types of color blindness, two objects will seem identical, but they are actually different colors. Another person who is nearsighted will see distant objects that seem the same, but when he gets closer, he sees they are not. But the primary thing that affects our ability to see clearly is not physical problems with the eyes themselves, but our brains, our minds.

What We See With the Mind

The eyes see, but the brain has to interpret what they see. To the eyes, everything is just blobs of color and light. It is up to the brain to make sense of it. It is the brain-mind that decides that a familiar combinations of shapes, light and color represents a dog, while another is a tree. And the brain can be tricked. So seeing isn’t really believing, believing is seeing.

When presented with an unfamiliar combination of shapes and colors, the brain will rarely come up with an accurate interpretation. It will try to make this image presented to it by the eyes into something familiar. So if some alien creature appeared in front of you that superficially resemble a tomato plant, your brain would probably tell you it is a tomato plant. And when you brain cannot interpret something because it is so totally foreign, you won’t see it at all!

There is plenty of historical evidence of this. When Columbus landed in the New World, the Native Americans had never seen anything like his large sailing ships. As a result, the ships were completely invisible to most of them. They could see the small boats leaving the ships and carrying the crew to shore, but not the ships. Only their Shaman or Medicine Man had enough spiritual development to see the ships. Once he described what he saw, the others could see it as well.

What Science Sees

Science tells us that the visible light that our eyes process makes up less than five percent of the various types of energy or radiation around us. So ninety-five percent of the physical universe is invisible to us. Now the scientists in the field of Quantum Physics are going even further. They say that the entire physical universe is not made up of rocks and trees, water and air. It is all just a huge hologram. It is all just light woven into an elaborate pattern.

Spiritual Sight

The spiritual person sees even more. Spiritual sight tells them that beyond the illusions of the physical universe, there is another. It is like layers of an onion. Under the illusion of matter, spiritual sight reveals another reality in spirit. And this reality is the true one for two primary reasons.

  1. Spiritual reality is “behind” all material things. Nothing can exist without a spirit.
  2. The spirit is permanent, always there, never changing. The material cover or mask is constantly changing, so cannot be trusted.

So spiritual sight not only helps us see beyond this world, it helps us see the physical world more accurately. It is because of this spiritual vision that the Native American Shaman could see the ships. Because of spiritual sight, St. Francis could recognize what other lifeforms truly are and started referring to all beings as his brothers and sisters.

So go beyond the illusions. Awaken your spiritual faculties and your spiritual sight. See the reality.

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