Spiritual Vocation and Spiritual Duties

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Spiritual Vocation and Spiritual Duties

“So here is your vocation set out: a vocation so various in its opportunities, that you can hardly fail to find something to do. It is your business to actualize within the world of time and space—perhaps by great endeavors in the field of heroic action, perhaps only by small ones, … that holy creative energy, which this world manifests as a whole but indifferently. You shall work for mercy, order, beauty, significance: shall mend where you find things broken, make where you find the need.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Spiritual Vocation

Ms. Underhill says it is our job as spiritual people to actualize “holy creative energy”, or spiritual energy in the world. While that is not the only job of the spiritual adept, it certainly is an important part of it. There are many ways to do this. You can talk to people in a loving positive way. And while you’re talking to them, see positive spiritual energy flowing from you to them (we all exchange some energy with others when we meet, but it works best when done with intent). We can share our knowledge online, in books, and in other media.

We don’t have to limit that sharing of energy to other humans. We can share with animals, plants, and even the so-called non-living things. Sit on a bench in the park and send spiritual energy to the squirrels, dogs, and other animals. Some may sense it and approach you in acknowledgment. Send it to the grass, the trees, even the bench you are sitting on. When you do, encourage these other beings to send energy back to you. It is one of the best ways to learn to understand other beings, even if only on a subconscious level.

Mercy, Order, Beauty and Significance

Even in our regular daily job and activities, we can seek to follow these spiritual vocation instructions an many ways. We can show mercy by caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, offering shelter to the homeless, and so on. We can help neglected and abandoned animals. We can simply water some flowers during a dry spell.

We can work for an orderly world where laws are obeyed because they are fair for all and enforced equally for all. Even more, we can work for greater spiritual enlightenment which brings about order on a higher level.

We can create beautiful works of art that promote truth, beauty and understanding. We can design beautiful clothing, gardens, building, and other things. If we are not very artistic, we can support those who are.

We are working for significance when we do any of those, but most of all, we work for significance when we do work that aims to help forward God’s Great Plan to return the fallen material world back to the realm of spirit. Anything that aid that cause is the truly significant work and I think all of us would like to do work that is significant.

It has been said that the only thing good people have to do in order for evil to succeed is to do nothing, just sit back and watch it happen. So sometimes the spiritual vocation of good people is to take an adversarial approach to events when they clearly see the evil behind them, but only in a non-violent way. Gandhi was a holy man, but he still made an effort to fight evil. Martin Luther King Jr. was a good man, but was also an active fighter against evil. Sometimes, such activities are necessary.

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