Sun Gazing Poll #3: Sungazing Aids

sungazing aids

Sun Gazing Poll #3: Sungazing Aids

Last month’s poll asked what tools you used to aid you in getting the best results from sungazing. Choices for sungazing aids were: Music or chanting, gems or crystals, incense or scented oils, and looking through colored glasses or filters. Multiple choices were allowed, but I think some people didn’t realize that as most made only one selection. And since not many voted, I won’t speculate on what tools are the most popular. But nearly everyone who did vote, used at least one of those mentioned. Only one person voted “None”.

All of the things listed can aid in sungazing, especially if your goal is spiritual development. Let’s look at each one briefly.

Music and Chanting

Music in various forms can be a great way to enhance the experience of sungazing and it was the most selected choice in the poll. When we listen to music—the right kind of music—we tend to become more relaxed and open. That openness helps to get the most benefits from the sun-gazing techniques. The vibrations of the music help raise our vibrations. Higher vibrations means more spiritual vibrations. And music puts us in a good mood.

Some prefer to use musical instruments, others chanting or singing. We use a combination of both in our sungazing.

Gems and Crystals

Gem stones, crystals, and just stones are also good sungazing aids. But the right kind must be used. While there are many books written about how specific gems or crystals are good for specific uses, a more generalized approach is usually sufficient. That approach is to go by color.

If you want a gem or crystal to help with a particular energy center (chakra), use one in a similar color. So if your root chakra is weak, use a red or orange crystal to help strengthen it. If you spiritual side is weaker than your physical, use blue or purple stones such as amethyst.

In addition to strengthening specific energy centers so as to bring them all into balance, gems can be used for protection. To do this well does require some knowledge on how to properly program the stones. (To those who laugh at the idea of programing crystals, I have a surprise for you: the memory of your computer and cellphone is just a very complex matrix of tiny crystals.)

Incense and Scented Oils

Incense and scented oils are another tool that can enhance the sun gazing experience. Certain types, like Frankincense, have been traditionally used in churches and religious ceremonies. You can’t go wrong with such traditional scents. If you don’t like those scents, however, you can experiment with others.

With scented oils, sometimes flower scents and herbal scents can work also. This may be because of the very nature of the scent, or it may be personal. If you associate a particular scent with happy times, especially relaxing ones like a tropical vacation, they may help put you in the right mood for spiritual growth and enhance your absorption of the appropriate frequencies from the sunlight.

Sometimes people doing sungazing report pleasant smells of flowers or incense even when it isn’t there. You know you are doing it right if that happens!

Colored Glasses or Filters

Colored film, filters, or glasses may be used by beginners, but generally are not used by more advanced students. Film or glasses tinted blue or purple are especially useful. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get them today without UV filtering built in. Since Ultraviolet light (UV) is more spiritual than visible light, the last thing a spiritual student wants to do is block it while sungazing.

Advanced Tools and Uses

Those are the basics on using such spiritual tools as sungazing aids. There are other tools and more advanced and detailed ways to use them. You will have to take classes from Cosolargy Academy to learn those.

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