“God, it is said, is the Sun of Righteousness (cf. Mat. 4:2), and the rays of His supernal goodness shine down on all men alike. The soul is wax if it cleaves to God, but clay if it cleaves to matter. … Clay hardens in the sun, while wax grows soft. Similarly, every soul that, despite God’s admonitions, deliberately cleaves to the material world, hardens like clay and drives itself to destruction. … But every soul that cleaves to God s softened like the wax and, receiving the impress and stamp of divine realities, it becomes ‘in spirit the dwelling-place of God’ (Eph. 2:22).” ~The Philokalia

Sun of Righteousness

While it is reasonable to say that God is the Sun of Righteousness, it isn’t accurate, and may be misleading. Many Christians interpret that as saying that the title “Sun of Righteousness” is just another name for Jesus. It isn’t. The Sun of righteousness is also not the big ball of fire in the sky. The Sun of Righteousness is spiritual, not physical.

Just as humans, animals, and even plants have a spirit, so does the sun. While the physical sun may be. In some ways, closer to God than we are on Earth, the spirit of the sun is much closer. The spirit of anything is closer to God than its physical body.

So the Sun of Righteousness is nor Jesus, nor the physical sun, but the spiritual sun. But even that isn’t always true. Only at certain times, only during certain ages, is the spiritual sun endowed with a special energy (or grace) from God. When that happens, it becomes the Sun of Righteousness. We are now living in such an age. The Sun of Righteousness has been shining on us for over fifty years now. And it grows stronger every year that it shines.

Spiritual Light and Us

The further Man falls into materialism, the harder it is to climb out of that hole and awaken our spiritual faculties. The good news is that it is much easier during a time when the Sun of Righteousness is shining. When the prophet Malachi said the Sun of Righteousness would shine seven times as bright as the normal sun, he was talking about the spiritual energy that comes from it. That spiritual energy which awakens our spirits and souls. That energy is also changing the world. The physical sun is changing in ways that science doesn’t understand, so they aren’t talking about it. Other stars are going through similar changes. And planet Earth is also changing. Not just global warming. It is changing its frequencies.

For many centuries, the frequencies of Earth, and everything on it, have been decreasing as we became more and more made up of matter. Now the Sun of Righteousness is stimulating a reversal of that process. Our frequencies are gradually increasing, as is those of the planets and stars. As they increase, we move closer and closer to the frequencies of spiritual worlds.

Today’s World

You might look around you and say that you don’t see people in general getting any more spiritual. That very statement proves they are. We look around us and see animal cruelty and think people are getting worse. But the cruelty isn’t new, we are just noticing such things more. We see people living in the streets while another family has eight houses scattered about the world. That is certainly not spiritual. But it also isn’t new. We are realizing, however, the wrongness of it. At lease some of us are ( we don’t all awaken at the same rate). When Roman emperors lives in palaces with hundreds of servants and slaves that they sometimes murdered for entertainment, the lack of spiritual people around them meant there were few who objected. We now look back and see those despots for what they were. We see the evil around us only when we have started awakening. And as the Sun of Righteousness continues to grow brighter, even more will awaken.

Lending a Hand

The Sun of Righteousness is sending that spiritual energy to us, but that isn’t enough. Those who are devout materialists will not be affected by it. They will be like those who laughed as Noah when he was building the Ark. Others will be affected in different ways and different degrees. To a large extent, we can determine how much it will change us. We can embrace the Sun of Righteousness and try to absorb as much of that Light as is possible. We can share that Light with others by sending any excess we absorb out to others for their benefit. When we do, we can fill that Light with thoughts of peace and love to make it even more effective.

If enough of us seek out that Light and use it for spiritual growth, the Sun of Righteousness will stay around and aid us. If we just sit on our butts and wait for God or Jesus to save us, the Sun of Righteousness will go out and we will be trapped in matter forever. So do what you can to prevent that.