“When the Sun rises in the morning, it rises for all, because it loves all. It is considerate to all beings—from the lowest to the highest ones—and that is why all turn their eyes to it. …
“The greeting of the Sun is good for both the physical and spiritual life of man. The flow of solar energy is most powerful and invigorating at sunrise. It is not merely an outward act. Man must have that internal disposition of the Soul that allows him to accept the powers which the Sun gives abundantly. The Sun represents the Divine Life that rises continually in the human soul.” ~Beinsa Douno

By Harold Boulette

The Sun Shines for All

It is true that the sun rises for all. The sun shines on all, and loves all. This is as it must be because nothing could grow on Earth without the sun, so if the sun picked and chose who to shine on, those species it stopped shining on would die. Fortunately, the sun doesn’t do that, and probably can’t.

We have been told in recent decades that the opposite is true. We are told that the sun is out to kill up with cancer and other nasty diseases and we need to hide from the sun as much as possible. Don’t listen to those people. The sun has been shining on Earth for billions of years and bringing life to this planet, not destroying it. That hasn’t suddenly changed. Reasonable exposure to sunlight is healthy, not detrimental. What is true is that if you eat a lot of chemical-laden junk food, drink water or other drinks with a lot of added chemicals, and so on, you will build up toxins in the skin and the thin layer of fat below the skin which we all have. Those chemicals react to sunlight, especially ultraviolet sunlight, and become carcinogenic. The solution is not to hide from the sun but to hide from the chemicals. Eat organic and filter your drinking water.

The Sun Shines on the Physical and the Spiritual

Duono says the sun is good for both the spirit and physical body of man. The sun shines on the physical and spiritual.  We could add between those two the psychic body and the sun benefits that as well. But here is were it gets confusing to some.

The sun does benefit both body and spirit, but it is primarily the light of the physical sun that helps the physical body and primarily the light of the spiritual sun that benefits the spirit. If we look only to the physical sun (sungazing), the physical benefits may be impressive, but our spirit and soul will suffer. If we are to awaken and develop our spiritual self and achieve higher states of consciousness, we need to take in the light from both suns.

Taking in the light of the physical sun is easy, in fact it can not be completely avoided. Taking in the Light of the Spiritual Sun is a different matter. Our bodies and minds are attuned to the frequencies of the physical, so it is easy for physical light from the physical sun to reach us and affect us. But just as the music from many radio stations are broadcast at once, but we only hear the one we have tuned the radio into, the light of the Spiritual Sun will have almost no effect on us because we are not attuned to it, because we vibrate at too low a frequency. We can correct that problem in many ways. We can use music and incense to provide higher vibrations that will help us raise our own (some are now suggesting that the large stones of Stonehenge were played like bells to produce sounds during the services held there by the ancients.) This is really how the idea of bells, organs, and other music became associated with religious services. We can carry gems and crystals on us to aid in changing our frequencies. Even wearing clothes in spiritual colors like blue and purple can help. But don’t expect overnight success. Change takes time.

Live Like The Sun

Even if you decide that spiritual development and achieving great knowledge and wisdom is not for you (?!), you should still make an effort to follow the example of the sun. Send love out to all around you: all people, all animals, all plants, all things. If you don’t love the other beings on this plane of existence, you can’t expect them to love and respect you.