Sungazing Together or Alone – Poll 2

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Sungazing Together or Alone – Poll 2

The results of our second monthly poll on sungazing is in and most people who sungaze say that they do sungazing with other at least some of the time (85%). Whether it is sun-gazing or other spiritual practices, there are a number of advantages of doing these practices with other.

Group Activities

Think of when you learned how to dance. Even if you took dance lessons, you were probably told to watch what others were doing before trying to do it yourself. Then an instructor got with you and helped you to correct your mistakes. It is similar with sports. You start to learn by following what you see others doing. And until you get good, you can benefit from being part of a team where others can make up for your shortcomings.

There is also a matter of safety. When you go SCUBA diving, you are instructed to never dive alone. You are usually told to buddy up with at least one other diver so you can be helped if you run into a problem like your air valve suddenly jams.

Going It Alone

On the other hand, there are times when it is best to practice alone. If you are not a good batter, you might want to practice when nobody can see you and laugh. How many movies have features a scene where a young guy is practicing making baskets for hours by himself before he has to play with the team? And of course we all sing beautifully in the shower or kitchen where no one can hear us. But the other side of it is that it helps to have a friend along who can notice when you are doing it wrong.

The Spiritual Side of It

With spiritual practices, we have nearly all the same things to deal with and more. While we don’t have to worry about being laughed at because we are meditating or sun-gazing incorrectly, there are other things to consider.


When a group of people are practicing sungazing or other spiritual techniques together, they will likely raise their frequencies higher than if they are doing it alone. On the other hand, if there are some very negative, or low frequency people in the group, the opposite can happen. So if you are doing sungazing together, make sure it is with people who are generally positive and are expecting positive results.

Part of the well-known events called the Miracles of Fatima include a case where hundreds witnessed the sun bobbing around in the sky, moving closer to the ground then going back up, and so on. Science generally writes this off as mass hallucination, but it wasn’t. Neither was the physical sun moving erratically. That would have wrecked havoc with the planets.

What they saw was the Spiritual Sun moving about. This is something people can often see to some degree when sun gazing—at least if they do it properly. The important thing for our purposes, though, is to note that most of these people would have seen noting if they had not all been together, and in a crowd made up mostly of believers. Because they were together and all desired to participate in the miracles, they were all vibrating at similar frequencies and saw essentially the same thing. If they had each gone to that location on their own on different days, chances are few, if any, would have seen that moving sun. So sungazing together can help all involved.

On the other hand, Jesus and others who worked miracles dis so when they were surrounded by believers, or alone. When they were among disbelievers, they didn’t try because they knew those opposing thoughts and vibrations would likely prevent the miracle from happening.


The other reason why it is sometimes good to practice with others is that you can share your experiences and give each other advice. By helping others, you also sometimes catch your own mistakes that you might otherwise have missed.

Alone Again, Naturally

But there are times when you either should, or must practice alone—and there is nothing wrong with that. You may live in a location where it is hard to find someone to practice sungazing together with. Or you may work odd hours and have to practice at a time when most everyone else is at work.

Sungazing Together and Alone

So the answer of whether we should do sungazing together or alone is both. There are times and circumstances when it may be best done alone. But there are also good reasons to do it with other when possible,as long as they are positive people with similar spiritual goals as your own. The best way to make sure you are sungazing with people who are generally positive and have the right attitude is to do it with members of a spiritual community like Cosolargy.

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