Many of us, like you, have practiced several types of consciousness-elevating arts, disciplines, or devotions. As a result of our efforts, we have received a certain stability, balance, and strength, and often wondrous experiences. There comes a point when we realize, “My actions in this disciplinary art, dispose me to receive and utilize energy not realized by other means.” Indeed, we have sculpted ourselves into receivers that attract particular energies. These energies bring about altered states of being and awareness. This is a bottom-up process: we develop our psycho-physical natures in order to attract an influx of energy. But what if we could invert this process?

Diagram 3

Academy Symposium 2, Diagram 3, p. 11

What if rather than working to construct ourselves to be able to absorb energy, we could start by absorbing the energy first? Cosolargy, unlike any other discipline or art, does exactly that: It is a top-down process whereby direct intake of energy causes that energy to accumulate within us and transform us, prompting evolutionary change. This approach, unparalleled by any other, accelerates our human potential. As a result, a person does not have to spend hours of daily effort to receive results.

Primeval Sun

Cosolargy paper 5, Diagram 8, p. 18

Cosolargy is a Solar Art, Science, and Technology. It is also therapeutic, including an elaborate series of solar eye techniques. Along with these techniques is a series of texts that delves into the history of the many ancient cultures that employed such practices, so that the student gains a firm sense of the tradition. Within this tradition there are concepts, models, and esoteric constructs that reveal an understanding, perspective, and sense of being not found in any other manuscripts, text, or media. These three paradigms: Techniques, Traditions, and Models are carefully presented and explained throughout the Academy Series and form the foundation for accelerating ultradimensional experiences.



Cosolargy Paper 5, Diagram 6, p. 14


Through development of Consciousness and the application of X- and B-Factors (see diagrams), 3rd-dimensional humanity can make a conscious return to the Godhead (9-D). Failure to do so results in a degeneration to lower dimensions and an unconscious return to the God-State (8-D) for regeneration into dimensional existence once again via the A-Factor. According to the system of Cosolargy, there is no permanent death, but there is change.

We believe that all of us should have every opportunity to explore dynamic options that effect personal attributes best suited to cope with inevitable future Earth and cosmic changes.

We are seeking out individuals destined to be in this Practice. We are not here to sell ourselves but rather to share the System with those rare and unique individuals who recognize that “with all of my searching, all of my experience, all of my invested passion . . . this is what I have been looking for.” If that describes you, we are here to help you with that choice and to make sure it is the right choice for you, and we understand that your considered involvement in Cosolargy is not merely an intellectual decision but an intuitive and spiritual one as well.

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