Cosolargy: The Teaching


In 1989 during the Gran Vilaya expedition, Gene Savoy and his team of intrepid explorers came upon a set of inscribed tablets hidden away high in a cliffside cave on the outskirts of the city. The inscriptions, characterized by pictorial icons similar to early Polynesian script, indicated the record of an ancient story. Among the many inscriptions contained on these large dolmen-type tablets was a symbol identical to the one purported to be used by King Solomon to mark the ships he sent to the land of Ophir to recover gold and precious stones.
These tablets were one of Savoy’s many findings during his four decades of exploring the Peruvian highlands. Publically he was acknowledged as an anthropological explorer by People Magazine, National Geographic, and CBS news. And as a result of his early work in the field, he published two books:

Antisuyo: The Search for the Lost Cities of the Amazon (Simon & Schuster, 1970)

On the Trail of the Feathered Serpent (Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1974).

TEACHINGS.FSIII-035His contributions to the understanding of the past civilizations that inhabited the west coast of South America are well recognized, but what is even more interesting is his motivation for spending years in the jungle highlands under harsh and often life threatening situations. It is little known that Savoy, prior to his explorations, spent over a decade practicing disciplines under the guidance of several Christian and Eastern mystic adepts. He had great respect for these Teachers and all they had imparted to him. Yet with all the skills and knowledge he had acquired, he felt that these disciplines — even when all of them were incorporated together — were incomplete. Something essential was missing. It was his search to uncover the lost and hidden elements at the core of all this esoteric knowledge that led him to the jungles of Peru.

Through a long series of relentless field investigations by land and sea, conversing with many elders of isolated tribes and organizing his understandings from field notes and expedition narratives, he published his findings in Project X: Search for the Secrets of Immortality (Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1977). Project X was the last book he wrote for public distribution. Since then he has written more than 50 volumes and delivered numerous lectures. A large portion of these volumes are included in the Academy Series.


These are actual excerpts from Academy material.

An outline of the Academy courses is in the section titled “The Academy.

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Extending Forms of Vision and Perception     ACADEMY I: Introduction to The System


Cosolargy Paper 1, Diagram 7, p.26

The visible wavelengths seen by the human eye fall within a general range of 300 to 800 nanometers (nm). In addition to the six basic colors shown on the chart, there are a 150 different hues that can be observed in this spectrum. By mixing these hues, some two million distinct colors can be produced.

Radiations from the sun on the retinal surface of the eye cause different sensations of vision, including the six basic colors and their hues. The normal eye will distinguish ultraviolet light, a radiation of 300 to 350 nm, as fluorescence on the retina. The electromagnetic radiations coming to earth from the sun are affected by the earth’s atmosphere, causing this solar spectrum. Beginning at sunrise, this range of radiation goes from predominately ultraviolet to violet, blue, green, white (at noon), yellow, orange, red to infrared at sunset.

The central area of the retina, having a high concentration of cones, remains the critical area of vision; cones direct a sharp image to the brain since they are each connected to a single nerve cell. The outer regions of the retina, containing a large number of rods, usually are concerned with perception of light at a low intensity. They transmit a blurry image to the brain since they are connected to a cell and a fiber. It is the sensitization of the rods that causes blurring sensations.

Exposure to the sun sensitizes both the rods and the cones, giving not only increased light and color perception, but also increased stereoscopic perception. Since the human retina has about 20 times as many rods as cones, the solar adept who sensitizes the rods by solar techniques actually has an extended form of vision (see pp. 44—45).


You may note that it is more difficult to view the sun with both eyes. Regular practice of techniques will remedy this. If eyes have a tendency to water, wipe with a handkerchief; such watering is temporary.

We remind you that these techniques have been practiced in modern times under recorded observation and found to be beneficial. They were practices for thousands of years by initiates in ancient schools and academics in China, India, Persia, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, and other civilized areas of the world that boast advanced cultures. We are using information passed down to us by these former cultures, applying our own findings geared to modern humans.

You may, while viewing the sun (according to this technique), see the skyline oscillating in unison with the sun, particularly at sunset periods. Clear, transparent double images on the horizon (e.g., buildings) will be observed to vibrate. The eyes make almost imperceptible micro-movements at about 30 to 70 cycles per second, which accounts for the oscillation phenomenon. The rate of oscillation varies with the heartbeat. Sometimes the electrical field around the human organism can be distinguished (see pp. 50–51).

ACADEMY I: Introduction to The System, pp. 44–45, 50–51

Projecting the Inner Self   ACADEMY I: Anthroponomy


Academy Symposium 2, Diagram 24, p. 51

Just as Einstein linked time, space, and mass with energy, the physical and spiritual universes can be linked on the solar and cellular levels. The sun is an intermediary, a catalyst, between two universes, from the macrocosmic level down to the microcosmic cellular level. The cell is composed of atoms, which, in turn, are composed of light waves/particles. These light wave/particles oscillate in much the same way as does the sun. Ordinarily, a person may not be able to see the microcosmic pulsations, but it is clearly visible to the eye on the macrocosmic level when solar eye techniques are practiced. This pulsation (the rhythm of which can be compared with that of the heartbeat) reveals two opposites that can be distinguished by the eye as oscillating light and dark patterns. This fact in itself reveals mass to be a phenomenon of energy in constant vibration. Moreover, this oscillating vibration, according to all laws of physics, is indicative of a third vibration, the link between space and time. This catalyst, or third frequency vibration, is the connection between the spiritual and physical universes. If we accept mass to be a phenomenon of energy constantly in motion, we must further accept that it is in a state of flux, ever-changing, never the same one second to the next. It is this flux that is the subject of our study [in this volume], for it is the regulating factor in human behavior and all living things (see pp. 5–6).


In the Threshold Technique (see pp. 17–18) the individual concentrates on absorbing solar energy as an outside force. By “reflection” we mean the act of projecting the inner self, or those inner forces generated by personality, into the sun. As we have indicated, solar energy is the carrier of Intelligence Factors, and the individual made aware of the Factors is capable of registering them. One must learn not to only absorb solar energy, but how to make use of it, or put it to work. Thus, the combination of absorbing and radiating results in a useful and practical application of cosmic/solar forces.

The object of the reflection technique is not the physical act of allowing the sun to stream into the nervous system (which can be a mechanical act), but a conscious attempt to make contact with, or to project, the personality into the solar sphere.

ACADEMY I: Anthroponomy, pp. 5–6, 17–18

Analyzing Dreams and Visions   ACADEMY II: Dream Analysis


Academy Symposium 2, Diagram 4, p.23

This study of dream analysis is to help you project yourself little by little into the world of spiritual Consciousness. Once you’ve had this experience and you really know you are alive, then you can better deal with the outer world of reality that perishes. Life becomes a game, an occupation; for example, you don’t try to stop your fingernails from growing: you know they’re growing. You watch plants grow, cloud formations change, weather change. But once you are involved in the spiritual reality, you take these things as they are intended to be taken—as an illusion, a game, a motion picture. It’s all very interesting. You watch everything with great interest, but that isn’t you, and that’s not the All, and that’s not where you ultimately belong. You are here for a purpose. And when you discover what that purpose is, then you can deal with outer reality.

Visions, like dreams, may be interpreted using the methods given in the present text. Unlike dreams, visions are not necessarily restricted to periods of sleep but can materialize during the waking state. It is noteworthy to mention that visions produced by external causes—that is, narcotics and other drugs, alcohol, hypnotic suggestion, physical exhaustion, or any other external means are not valid in our system of dream and vision interpretation. We are taught in the world that by focusing our eyesight we are able to see things more clearly. Visions are just the opposite; the more you focus on them, the quicker they fade. That is what the mind does to visions; by focusing on them, it rejects them.

A vision does not possess any physical presence. It is not composed of third-dimensional material. But if these images are not part of the third dimension of which your physical mind/body is a part, that means you are seeing such images with faculties that belong to another dimension, indicating that you are multidimensional. The more you learn to function within this higher dimension, the sooner you will realize your complex nature and be able to go on into other worlds when your poor little body fades away—as it will, and as it is indeed doing right now.

ACADEMY II: Dream Analysis, pp. 24, 26

Heliogenics: The Effects of Color   ACADEMY I: Heliogenics II


Light, Color & Color Bodies, Diagram 3, p. 10





Heliogenics is not so much a study as it is an experience. The experiments are designed to show how color affects your color bodies. The human body is composed of electrical particles in a constant state of motion and that are being acted on by temperature and the electromagnetic field of the body itself. Color, as well as the whole electromagnetic spectrum, also affect the electrical particles that make up the body. All matter is in a continual state of change and radiates or absorbs energy in cycles. This radiation and absorption produces chemical changes within the organism; namely, increases or decreases in the circulation of body fluids such as glandular secretions, in blood pressure, in general metabolism, etc. In short, light and color, properly applied, can affect metabolic processes that benefit the individual.

The Green Color Body
The Fourth of the Eight Color Centers

Green has a wavelength of 500 to 570 nm. We know that this color center governs what we refer to as the drive center of the psycho-physical organism. This center has been found to have a great effect upon the pituitary gland (as well as adrenal hormones, kidneys, and skin.] A lack of energy of the green wavelength causes nervous excitability, irritability, and symptoms of nervous exhaustion or mental fatigue.

(Recommendations for maintaining and strengthening the Green Center are provided on pages 40–42 of the supplemental text Light, Color & Color Bodies.)

ACADEMY I: Heliogenics II, pp. 19, 37

The Influence of Symbols      ACADEMY II: Transformation of Man through Archetypal Symbols


Academy Symposium 5, Diagram 3, p. 4

Humans are highly symbolizing beings, and in the present age of speed and instantaneity, they may be more, not less, involved with and dependent upon symbolism than their predecessors. This is not surprising, since their major sensory input is visual. The ability to analyze and integrate visual stimuli into third-dimensional reality, combined with an evolved use of language and memory, allows humans a level of communication beyond that required for only fixed-action behavior patterns that respond to a specific stimuli. The use of language gives humans the flexibility to create their own mental images in addition to sensing the level of physical, material reality through vision. Thus, they enjoy (and suffer from) a conscious communication with other beings through imagery of their own creation.

The influence of symbols is on a level beyond the rational mind; it is on the level of Consciousness, so we must not attempt to control the results. We must not dictate or will that something happen when we use this ability. We must leave ourselves open to the effect and impression that can come through the Technique. We don’t overly concentrate on it, will it, or dictate to it. Too much focused attention would deplete our energy and cause a negative reaction. Thought, will, and mental control are under the dominion of the mind, and we are not dealing with the mind; we are dealing with Consciousness.

ACADEMY II: Transformation of Man through Archetypal Symbols, pp. 1, 89

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The Solar Force Centers (Chakras)           ACADEMY I: Heliogenics I


Cosolargy Paper 3, Diagram 1, p. 35

The human eye may be considered a miniature sun inasmuch as it absorbs and radiates energy. The System of Cosolargy teaches us how to properly absorb and to redistribute that energy; how to unite our own energy fields with the sun’s energy by means of the eyes. The human eye acts as catalyst inasmuch as it is the means by which the organism is linked with solar energy. The Intelligence Factors inherent within solar energy activate the force centers (known as chakras in the East). Once contact with the solar sphere is established, it is maintained directly between the Solar Force Centers and the sun. The diagram shows two major divisions of the energy body, each of which has four basic force centers. The Light body, however, is composed of four force centers called the Solar Force Centers.

Psychologically speaking, with development the student will usually experience 1) greater activity of the generative (sexual) force, governed by the sacral or lowest center; 2) increased physical energy, emotional force, and initiative from the stimulation of the second, third, and fourth centers, respectively; 3) greater expressiveness, awareness of individuality, heightened mental activity, and psychic awareness from the higher, or fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth, centers, respectively.

In addition to enhancing the physical or sensory awareness, the Solar Force Centers of the Light body become activated, and the electrical field takes on a radiance (often describes by sensitives as a white light) The individual experiences a new intelligence, which draws on the vast knowledge stored in the psyche. An entirely new beingness unfolds, and a supraconsciousness emerges, bringing with it tremendous creativity and awareness of nonphysical knowledge.

ACADEMY I: Heliogenics I, pp. 35-36

Transmutation into Higher Being          ACADEMY I: Metempirics


Academy Symposium 2, Diagram T-5, p. 107

The physical body is often referred to as the earth body, the psychic body as the lunar body, and the Light body as the solar body. The rational side of the human person rules the physical body, Intellect the psyche, and Consciousness the spiritual. Earthly energy forces sustain the physical body, while both the psychic and Light bodies subsist on untradimensional energy sources. While humans are mortal, their being is filled with Consciousness of this higher origin. With development of this awareness, the reality of earthy limitations and a person’s duality are recognized. Through illumination humans are able to discover their original nature.

If the body and the material world conquer a person’s spirit, that person suffers and dies as an individual, and his or her spirit diffuses as a “million sparks” into limitless space and time. On the other hand, if one’s spirit wins, one’s humanity flowers, empowers the sun, and lives forever. Every initiate in the mystery religions of Mexico and Peru learned this before facing the sun. The absorption and transmission of solar energy are responsibilities that affect the whole cosmos. We remind the initiate that the earth gives life because it is blessed with heat and light from the sun. It was the same for ancient peoples as it is for modern ones today. But there is a greater Light than that of the physical solar spectrum, and it is that Light that must be registered in order to be transmuted into a higher being.

ACADEMY I: Metempirics, PP. 37, 42


Cosmic-Solar Forces as Medicine


(1:13 minutes)

Linking the Individual to the Future


(2:15 minutes)

Evolving with the Transformation of the Cosmos


(2:45 minutes)

Applying the Ancient Process of Transcendence


(3:05 minutes)

Ultradimensional Existence


(3:30 minutes)


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