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The History Leading to Spiritual Alchemy

Author: Tracy Narvaez

Category: Spirituality

A spiritual alchemist is really an individual that attempts to follow a spiritual course, psychic interconnection, and spiritual growth through starting a sort of fearless, pleasing, and long term path to self expertise. Numerous ways of life educate that spiritual alchemy comes by means of transcending ones self through yoga, and so forth. This fundamental premise connected with psychic alchemy, nevertheless, will be that any of us connect to this divine and learn to pick up the speakings from your soul, the part of people that is an essence of the divine by means of who we are right now.

There is a lot of controversy involved in the world of spiritual alchemy. Spiritual alchemy arguably led to modern chemistry, but it seemed to have no scientific basis. Supposedly the search for the mythical philosopher’s stone was involved, which was supposed allow the experimenter to turn metal into gold.

The practice had a mystical basis. This determined how churches would treat them and often resulted in the death of an alchemist if the church found him out. The truth of the practice can be found in allegory, and you must first be able to decode that in order to find the truth to spiritual alchemy.

The experiments that occurred were a valuable part of the scientific processes to follow, likely dangerous too. The observations that were made would have led the experimenters to form a hypothesis about the nature of the material they using, which were tested and lead understanding the true nature of it. Chemical reactions dont normally happen by full moon alone or by spells. There needs to be an experiment.

Most think that they were experimenting with all of these different things to find a way to actually alter the personality of the person conducting these experiments. This means they sought after the betterment of the soul. Whether or not any of them ever really got close or not, it wasn’t a loss, they did lead to us having medicines and things of that nature.

Sometimes when we don’t completely understand how something works, we tend to give a mythical explanation. Some would argue that to fill these gaps with something supernatural is just pure laziness on the researchers part.

It is believed that spiritual alchemy may have had a hand in the formation of the Freemasons. All US citizens carry proof of the Freemasons magical beliefs each and everyday. This proof is found on the dollar bill. The all seeing eye holds great significance to freemasonry. The eye is positioned atop of an unfinished pyramid. If outline the pyramid and then draw an upside down pyramid over it. You will create a six pointed star of which is normally thought of as the star of David. If you then follow the points minus the tip where the eye is, you will notice that each of these five points touches a letter. These letters form the word mason.

On earlier versions of the dollar, an alchemy symbol was present. This image was a T that surpassed into an S. Spiritual alchemy had been designed to help you discover the divine in yourself through unique self trials. The path to the great divine has been chased in several means and such a alchemy is only one of many ways folks have considered to achieve it.


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