The Life Fountain and the Soul

life fountain

The Life Fountain and the Soul

O enfolded, sleeping soul, unaware of the life fountain within from which you may drink, unfeeling to the throbbing life all around us, now is your hour. Prepare yourself for the great awakening. The bright light of wisdom awaits to encircle you, as you stand before the awful door within the Sacred Temple of mastery.
“That the Light of Truth may be a sure guide amidst the dark gloom of earthly life, a certain aid enabling you to find the way of your eternal spirit, you are not unknowing of your inner wisdom. It is the key to everlasting life in the glorious place beyond the Western veil.
“O live my soul; awaken, hear me. Let not my love and my sacrifice be in vain.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:25:1-3)

By Harold Boulette

The more I read in the Kolbrin Bible, the more convinced I become that this largely ignored book is one of the greatest books of spiritual writings available to the public. This chapter of it is all about seeking enlightenment and awakening the sleeping soul—both worthy goals and what any good spiritual school is all about. Of course, it can be better understood if you have some spiritual training already.

The Life Fountain Within and Without

The life fountain is certainly something we want to gain access to. It is the real Fountain of Youth, the real Elixir of Life, the real Food of the Gods. This life fountain is spiritual Light, which is not the same thing as physical light. Whether the difference is a matter of frequency, purity, or the knowledge embedded with the light, spiritual Light has a lot more to offer us than mortal light, even though the two are related. For those of us on Earth, the primary source of that Light is the spiritual sun. If you use social media a lot, you may be aware of the growing popularity of “sun-gazing”. This started primarily from a documentary film about Cosolargy, but the film makers didn’t understand the distinction between gazing at the physical sun and gazing at the spiritual sun, so most of those practicing sun-gazing are looking at the physical sun.

If you goal is to awaken the soul and develop your spiritual self, looking at the physical sun won’t do that. On the contrary, it will probably make you more materialistic because that is the nature of that light. You need to be looking at the spiritual sun. So the life fountain requires us to look within, but also outside of ourselves.

A Sure Guide

The quote says that this Light that awakens and nourishes the soul is “a sure guide amidst the dark gloom.” Some will argue that Earthly life is not full of darkness and gloom, but these terms are used in a relative sense. The material live may seem bright and happy to many, but it is a life of strife, ignorance, disease, and eventually death. The only way to avoid all that is to awaken and develop the immortal spiritual facilities that lie dormant within us. And once we have awakened our spirit and soul with that light, the soul can guide us through that imperfect material life and minimize the difficulties, like an experiences guide leading one through a complex of caves. So the benefits of being awakened don’t just happen after physical death, they are experienced every day by the spiritually awakened, by those who drink regularly from the Life Fountain.

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