The Movie — Eat the Sun


The Movie — Eat the Sun

Eat the Sun is a full-length documentary produced by Peter Sorcher that explores the practice of sun gazing.  The odyssey of the film's protagonist, Mason, is followed as he travels cross-country seeking information about the practice of "taking the sun," or looking directly at the sun for a variety of benefits. He begins in 2004 in San Francisco where he comes across a flyer from an East Indian man who advocates staring at the sun for physical health benefits, leading to practicing lengthy periods of sun gazing as a substitute for eating food. This man, known as HRM, claims to have not eaten food for a period of eight years as a result of his sun gazing.

Mason begins following HRM's protocols, staring at the sun each day, increasing each day's viewing by ten seconds. The goal is to reach a period of forty-five minutes at a single viewing. While following this protocol Mason does experience some physical benefits, but his zeal begins to make him feel cut off from friends and family as his practice puts him more and more at odds with those around him. His cross-country journey is a search for others who practice sun gazing with whom he might feel comfortable. He finds a variety of practitioners who have been sun gazing, some for extended periods and others who have just begun the practice. Most are following the protocol focusing on the physical effects, where one works up to an extended viewing and then stops the practice. He also talks to scientists and doctors with differing opinions about the practice.

Mason's journey leads him to Reno, Nevada, where he meets Gene Savoy and is introduced to the use of the sun as a spiritual practice as opposed to seeking a purely physical benefit. Here, the practice follows a system based on ancient teachings. How to observe and perceive the sun was the object of the higher teachings of ancient mystical schools. Following this sacred system, the sun is viewed for brief periods at various times during the day and, as a result, spiritual faculties are awakened and consciousness is expanded.

An excerpt from the movie Eat the Sun, featuring this system as described by Gene Savoy is availble HERE. It is followed by the movie's trailer.

The film will premiere on the Documentary Channel on June 21, 2011, at 8:00 p.m. (EDT/PDT) It is also available on DVD from Peter Sorcher's website. To order a copy of the DVD click HERE.

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