The Religion of Light Teaches Transformation

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The Religion of Light Teaches Transformation

“But God ‘s Children shall see the Word of God manifest in the natural order of things, making all nature supernatural. And the natural shall inherit the supernatural.

“Say unto the peoples of the world that the transformation of the world shall have its beginning in man, for man is a creature of God, holy, endowed with spirit, loved of God. Man’s ignorance of this, his preoccupation with the material world, his devotion to the visible world which he observes and judges through the physical senses, cause him to forget that God has offered him immortality in spirit.

“And say also unto them that before the world can change, man must change. Man must have a higher understanding of himself and creation. He must be made to see that this new religion of Light is not the religion of the world which emphasizes social and moral order – the religion of Light teaches transformation of the individual on a personal level, a community level and eventually a world level.”

Page 550 Chapter 79
Prophecy to the Christian Churches

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